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Good summer and beach reads..

I'm going on vacation in Malibu (I know!!!) in the summer. My mom said we aren't going to be doing a lot and I need a few books to read. So, I was wondering, what books are good summer and beach reads? If you would like, you can look at my profile to see what books I've already read. The sky is the limit! Okaayy, thank you!!!


FYI. I'm kinda a girly, romance, "A-list", book reader.

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Re: Good summer and beach reads..

i love the a-list!

if you want like an easy read fluff type books

then def. try stuff by rachel hawthorne or catherine clark

they are all little romance & are wicked adroable and rele easy reads.


& gossip girl is kinda sorta like the a list

ohhhh & the summer boys series by hailey abbott are rele good

haha im all for the girly books



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Re: Good summer and beach reads..

The Drama High Series are really A-List and the Countess below stairs are really good and so is all the books Levines books are also a good snag check my library on my profile for any more ideas

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Re: Good summer and beach reads..

That Summer by Sarah Dessen!
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Re: Good summer and beach reads..

anything by Sarah Dessen


Nicolas sparks:smileyhappy:


One real good book is Kissed by an angel/triolgy 


there's also these books about teenagers living their life with Christ Diary of a Teenage Girl.

This is the first in a series by Melody Carson


and if you like mystery type books check out:

Mary Higgans Clark



message me if you would like any more suggestions with a little narrowed genre:smileyhappy:

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