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Some of you might know, but i have wrote a few chapters, of a story im working on. Its called "High School."  I only have 4 chapters so far. Should i keep writing? I just need to know, if i should or if its point less.     Please comment and tell me.






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Re: Help!!!!!!!

Do keep writing!
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Re: Help!!!!!!!

Fo Sho!



If you've got something to write about, you should always keep writing.  You need to speak your mind!  If you feel like it isnt developing, or you're unhappy with it, you're probably just too focused on trying to make it a good book, rather than get your points fully across.  Many great authors have put down their novels for years at a time, and then picked them back up to write again- don't be afraid to take a break, no matter how long!  And make sure you arent limiting your creativity, this is your novel, anything can happen.

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Re: Help!!!!!!!

Keep going. I'm sure it will be a big succses in the futur. Good luck!



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Re: Help!!!!!!!

keep writing you can always change things later if it doesnt come out right. Dont get discouraged just take a break and when something comes to you where ever you may be write it down. All you can do is hope for the best and good luck.


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Re: Help!!!!!!!

Stop. Take a deep breath. Shake it out! but don't stop writing. If you do, you will lnever know what the out come will be. :smileytongue: