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Re: Get to Know Eachother

I'm 13..but I'll be turning 14 in September 10.

I play piano and violin..I wanna learn how to play a guitar..

My height is 5'2, I think..

I play video games too..I think car racing is the best! lol..

I don't have any talents for any GIRL stuff..I don't even know how to put make

Anyway, I will live in FLorida sooner or later..I'm just waiting for my

That's all folks! :smileyvery-happy:
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Re: Get to Know Eachother



I'm 16 (turning 17 in October)

I live in south Florida.

I play the guitar, bass guitar, drums and the piano.

I have a band. I write my own songs, and I have had some gigs.

I don't really play many sports except tennis, and I swim A LOT!

My sister and I are always painting.

I love to read, of course. I'm homeschooled. And my room is orange :smileyvery-happy: lol it's awesome!


Oh and, don't worry hailey, I'm 5'9 and everybody makes fun of me for it lol





-Lael (i stare)
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

I am 14...turning fifteen in quite some time

I live in michigan Go Blue!!!

I love the Detroit Tigers!!

I play travel softball.

I love to read

I am 5'6 1/2

I love winnie the pooh :smileywink:


Yeah...thats about it

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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Oh yeah I am getting a puppy!!!! Toy Poodle :smileyhappy:

We are gonna go see her today!!

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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Hi, I'm Samantha! I'm thirteen. I love to read and write. I'm a singer and I belong to a chorus. I love watching movies and enjoying them/analyzing them. Someday I hope to be in the movies myself. I am always laughing and my friends say I'm boy crazy. I'm 5' 4" And I don't want to grow anymore.
"Good. I was afraid for a moment that I'd killed you a bit too early."
"Waiting for a special occasion to kill me? Christmas is coming." :smileyhappy:
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Hey guys!


im 16 

i live in NY 

im 5ft 4 

i love to read its about all i do if im not reading im hanging out with my friends 

im about to be a junior in high school and i cant wait! 

i used to play the flute but then i moved and the band sucked so i stopped 

i dont know what else to say lol 



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Re: Get to Know Eachother

i love the idea


i'm 14 turining 15 on november 18 

i love twilight and am team edward 

i live in New Jersey

i love to play basketball and skate board and swim

i really wanna learn to play the guitar  

i love to shop 

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Re: Get to Know Eachother

oh and i'm 5'7
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

i just turned 14 in june

i live in RI ... in the middle of nowhere....:smileytongue:

my cat is possesed by some evil demon thingy.. [im serious!! lol]

i love to read [duh]

and i do a lot of acting in community theatre and stuff

i tend to sleep a lot and dont usually wake until the crack of noon

i probably watch too much tv for my own good

fav tv shows are:

-robin hood


-doctor who


-gilmore girls

-project runway

-top chef

-twilight zone!! and star trek!!

... and the list goes on and on and on.. :smileytongue:

oh and i do robotics and stuff

and love all types of mythology


ok i'm done now!!! :smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:

"We could do pizza."
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

I'm Mishelle

15 going on 16 in April

5'3'' (3rd tallest in my family and supremely proud-Dad, Older Sis, Me, Oldest Sis, Mom :smileyhappy: )

Love reading, music, writing, sing, drawing, plays, pretty much anything artistic

Love Converse All-Stars expecially my new ones

Currently has purple blonde blue and pink hair(for another week or so...)

Fave Books: Harry Potter, Twilight, Maximum Ride, Mortal Instruments series, Darkest Powers Series

Currently Reading: Percy Jackson : The Battle of the Labyrinth


OH likes Greek Mythology and is random

There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.-----Emily Dickinson
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

I'm 17 turning 18 in April. *sigh

Im 5'5 and i like my tallness.

I have brown curly hair that i can't stand so i straighten it everyday for school.

I like to read and love to write. I also play videogames.

I don't like scary movies. I tend to scream sometimes.

I want to become an author of fantasy books and poetry books. Did i mention i love to write....hehe

I'm mostly silent when i have nothing good to say and when i am hyper i love to talk and dance crazy to music.

I sketch whats in my mind and love music that relates to my life. (Disturbed, anyone?)

Oh, and my heart belongs to my bf.


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Re: Get to Know Eachother

[ Edited ]

i'm 16

i live in california

i have 2 dogs and 1 horse

if i'm not working/volunteering i'm at the stables :] it's my home away from home!

i read all the time

i have gone to the same school since 1st grade

i love harry potter

i just finished the time travelers wife and it was should all read it!

i love the band Tenth Avenue North.

my favorite TV shows are: gilmore girls, veronica mars, and that 70's show

i am also addicted to kitchen shows like: Hells kitchen, top chef, top chef masters, and next food network star.

my favorite movies are: Pride and Prejudice(5 hour one) , he's just not that into you, mona lisa smile, 10 things i hate about you, the longest yard (new one), beauty shop, x-men series, and too many more :]

oh and i enjoy photography.


oh ya i am curently obsessed withe the song broken by lifehouse


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Re: Get to Know Eachother

I am 19 going to be 20 and I'm a twin.
I am in college.
I'm anti-social, shy, and quiet. 
I have an enormous fear of spiders, sharks (I blame that fear on Jaws), and snakes.
I used to play softball and golf - haven't really played since graduating from high school.
Obviously love reading.
I also love to write and am working on what I hope to be a book and am no where near finishing it.  I tend to jump around when I write though, like I'll work on the middle then the beginning then the end then back to the beginning...what ever is really clear in my mind.
I'd really like to learn how to play the guitar and/or piano.
My favorite TV shows are: Supernatural, Lie to Me, The Mentalist, Castle, Fringe, House, and Bones.
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Hey y'all.....

  Well.....I am in 7th grade.(can't tell my exact age sorry)

     I am from down South(:

     I love God....He is my BFF

     I'm bout 5'5 ( I h8 being tall cuz im taller than all the cute guys):

     Apparently I have a really big southern accent(Acccordin 2 my friends.)

     I have naturally curly, brown hair which i h8 so I luv 2 straighten it(:

     I luv Spicy Homemade Chili Beans

     My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama.

     I luv country music.

     I smile and laugh way to much but I think its a good thing( :

     I love 2 sing and write music.

     I have braces and rubber bands):

     And........My fave show is Big Brother 11(: i guess thats it(: Bye Y'all(:

Everybody's different so everybody's the same-J.M.
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Hey :]


im aly [for short.]

i am latin and proud of it.

im finally 15 and a going in sophmore

i live in california and i love it :]

i LOVE to read obviosly ;p

I am addicted to ^ music, movies, my ipod nd fone

i love looking at fotogrphy and quotes.

food is the besst!

i love harry potter, twilight [team jacob al lthe way], and too many other books

im a very descriptive person and loud

i love to party and dance.

i have curly hair which i leave in its state with lots of products in it

id love to travel the world and go places.

i dnt play an instrument but id love to

so ive talked to much so this is it 



"I always think of each night as a song. Or each moment as a song. But now I'm seeing we don't live in a single song. We move from song to song, lyric to lyric, from chord to chord. There is no ending here. It's an infinite playlist."
- Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

I'm Hannah

I play cello, piano and guitar

I love English and History class

I have a cat named Little

I live in Virginia

Coca-Cola makes me sick

I love reading

Gregory Maguire is one of my favorite authors

I love being myself which is being random all the time

My fav show is Scooby Doo!

"Behold the male beast roaring in the jungle for his mate. See how the female beast giggles behind a shrub while she organizes her voice to say 'Pardon dear, did you say something?'"~Elphaba, Wicked, pg.102-103
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Hi! I'm 13.

My name's Vanessa but you can call me Nessa or Nessie (Too Breaking Dawnish in my opinion). Or my penname is Silvermist24 but you can call me Siler or Mist or just Silvermist.

I love soda and suger

I talk a lot.

 I LOVE to read.

I like HP

I LIKED Twilight but the movie ruined it.

I love Maximum Ride.

I think movies are a good use of time

I kinda like the Clique series.

I'm really random.
This get-to-know-you thing is kinda cool in my opinion.



That's me!

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Yes I'm gonna be a star,
Baby you can drive my car,
And Baby I love you,
Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yea!
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

wait so u jsut gave all that info on yourself but are against saying ur age, , no offc jsut found it abit strange *shrugs*
Wanna know the awesomeness that is moi??? movies, artists, gossip and the latest reviews of your fav books not to mention my upcoming twilight parody that i am currently working on is all here folks!! @ My Blog Fantasy4eva spread the word girls :smileyhappy:
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

oh, I forgot to mention that I'm homeschooled..have this curly dark dark brown hair(so dark it's almost black but really if you look long enough you'll see that it's brown.) I don't straighten  my hair cause, I told you before, I'm not IN to any girl stuff. I write've posted some here, you might wanna look at it..anyway, I LOVE this site..cuz tis the only one where I can talk to you all without pretending..really I pretend all the time, not that I'm lying..I'm just afraid to show the real know what I mean?? afraid they might not like me ...not that I care either..:/


lastly, I don't have many friends..yeah, i'm such a loner..

 and I get freaked out by boys..wierd I know but that's me...:smileywink:
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Re: Get to Know Eachother

Hey im Frankie!


Im 15

Im from England - happy to know im not the only brtish person :smileyvery-happy: lol

I row once a week. And i used to play the violin - want to start the piano

People say im really quiet, shy and prefer to keep to myself but i do come out of my shadow every once in a while.


I love to read: 

My favourite books are pride and prejudice, wuthering heights, and the virgin suicides.

My favourite series is the mortal instruments series by cassandra clare.



I'm 5'6/ 7

I love art and thats about it