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Hi, Reading Article

Hi, I'm writing an article for journalism about how a lot of teens don't seem to read anymore. I'm writing a pros and cons kind of thing so can you guys help me with that? Thanks. 

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

i would say that reading keeps kids busy and out of trouble, it gets kids to use their imagination, lets kids dream.


bad things is some kids don't realize some things are make believe and not real, gives kids ideas on bad things to do like if they read a scene in a book they try to react it and if it hurts them or someone else then it is not good.

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

I agree to all of what korts said. =] To add to it:



  • Improves your reading and writing skills
  • Provides a safe and encourageable escape from reality



  • May prevent actual social life

That is all I can think of for now...

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

I have to agree with both korts and b00kwerm. I also think yes it does not give much social life because most of the time I am reading in my room or if I have to go out with a book it will only be school. It's also good cause it does give amazing writing skills, I mean if I didn't read I don't think I could have written (I probably would have put writing xD)  most of this. It also lets you learn a lot more things in life you never really looked at before and also it tells you famous and amazing authors you've never heard of before. But the best thing it does is it lets you adventure away from life and into a world that you love to be in =)

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

I think Lexie has a great point. reading is a way to escape the world for a little while and get engrossed in a story for a period of time. It a great escape from reality. However I think some kids don't read because they haven't yet found a genre that works for them. I use to hate reading because I wasn't finding books that I was interested in. A lot of kids also would rather sit down with a video game then go outside or read a book. Video games include the person in the action whereas books just tell you about actions. I also think that sometimes guys have trouble getting into reading because lets face it there are a lot of teen books that have to do with romance and as much as we would love the guys in the world to be sappy and into romance as much as we ladies are they just arent.

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

I definitely agree with everyone who has replied before me! I think that it's a great escape from realty. Plus, I think that reading can provide inspiration. If you were to read a story, then it could encourage you to try writing your own. Then there's the fact that you get a better vocabulary, well at least most of the time=]. I think that the only con for me is the fact that I don't exactly go outside much...But it keeps kids away from t.v. and video games, and all the stuff that makes your brain go mush! Hope I helped!!!:smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

it is hard to say.  some kids like the feel of turning the pages and others don't and like ebook readers like the kindle or nook. :smileyhappy: You have to figure out what the child likes and them help them want to read.

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

Okay, when I read this, I think *facepalm* oh boy. Reading has become something that almost seems taboo in our society now. For kids/teenagers anyway. When a kid is asked "What do you like to do in your free time?"...if the kid responds with "I like to read," then he/she is dubbed "lame". Am I right? It seems as though reading is going out of style, which is sad, and completely...ridiculous. As for the question, pertaining to the pros and cons, I don't see where there ARE any pros? What good thing could possibly result from kids not reading? Reading enhances vocabulary and lets the reader drift off into another world. I don't see where you can go wrong.

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Re: Hi, Reading Article

I agree with korts and bookworm. But here's what I think:


  •  Pros:   Improved knowledge of spelling words, better vocabulary, reading a book brings an adventure to the reader, and helps a person become a speedy reader.
  • Cons:  People who don't read think people who do are boring


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Re: Hi, Reading Article

Well reading helps me when home sucks or I'm in a bad mood..... It is also really amazing how fast I can read a book now!!  I have also expanded my vocabulary immensely.