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How the world will end

So, i was sitting at home participatingng in what i call "cultureising my self" which in pratical sinces means percratinating on my homwowrk. My "cultrueization" envoles long periods of staring at the wall, and looking up random opreas on youtube. I was in the middle of listening to Carmina Burana by Carl Orff (yes you should look it up now) and I decided that i would like to know how the world would end, becuse i figured im pretty far down the list of important people, and i might get the memo late. So i took Sean Covey's advice and decided to be proative (yes look him up too). I did what any sinsible person would do and googled "how the world will end." I got a whole slue of stuff about 2012 and those lovely Mayans stopping there calender there. I also found things from variuos different reliogns. I found contradicting, funny, and distubing theioes that could, for all I knew, all be ture and happen symotaniusly. (It's a scary thought I know.) And i realized that the ending of the world is not just one large event but held in billions of differnt percepions. There wont be one story of the end of us, but billions weaved together, from the billions of eyes, ears, thoughts.  I want to know at least some of the story of how we will end from your preditions...



So how do you think the world will end?



Then i turned the song to Ladies of the world by: flight of the conchords.

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Re: How the world will end

It will end when I become uncool. This being said, never.

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Re: How the world will end

I don't think it would end anytime soon. At least not in our life time. If it was anything, it could be a slight movement of the sun. 

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Re: How the world will end

I don't think the world will end, well maybe on a thousand some years but no not now or in 2012.  Just because the Mayan (spelling?) calander ended Dec 21, 2012 means the world would end.  And even if it did (highly doubted) no one would know.  It'd probabaly be like that. *snaps fingers* No one would know, or feel any pain.

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