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Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

Was anyone else as disappointed as I was over the end of the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy? Writing was weak and she totally should have gone with Gail.  Seriously.  Peeta is not as cool.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

Lol lots of people complained about the third book and the ending did seem a bit rushed to me, but I still loved it and I thought both the guys were great and she could've picked either one and it would've been the same to me haha.  :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

I wasn't disappointed at all with the ending! I thought it fit perfectly into the story, and it wasn't sugar-coated at all. Collins isn't afraid to kill off beloved characters (particularly Prim and Finnick) and she definitely wasn't afraid to really wrench the readers' guts. (Like how Gale's invention could have possibly been the one to kill Prim - that was heart breaking for me.)


But as I mentioned before in another thread, the ending left me really satisfied because even though I much prefer Gale, Peeta was the one for Katniss. It didn't feel forced to me. And while the ending was a bit sad, it was real and it followed the mood of the books perfectly - a little gritty, a little dark but with a glimmer of hope.   

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

Mockingjay was my least favorite of the trilogy.  I'm glad she went with Peeta.  Even though I always felt a little torn between the 2 guys I think Peeta was the better choice.  I actually hated what she did to Peeta in the 3rd book-but oh well.  Killing off Prim just broke my heart but I think sometimes killing off those great characters need to be done-they were in a war and casualties happen nobody was safe.  I do feel that the end was rushed but that's usually how trilogies and series end IMO.  Once the great dilema is taken care of everything else just kind of comes in a rush & then it's over.  Maybe I wasnt as dissapointed in the ending because Katniss ended up with who I wanted her to.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

I hated the last book.  By the end, I couldn't have cared less about what happened or how which guy she picked.  I was just so annoyed with nearly all the characters.  It felt like Katniss spent most of the book moping, whining, etc.  She wasn't the strong, albeit naive, character that I'd come to cheer for.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

This book wasn't my favorite of the series but I respected it. The book went the way it needed to go, I loved Gale but I knew he wouldn't end up being our love interest. Gale needed to go do his own thing, Peeta was better for sitting around the house and living a small town life. As another person stated it is war and although it wasn't always a happy book or a happy ending, it went the way it needed to in order to stay true to the dark background of the Capitol. I feel teens just want that happily ever after fluffy ending and people get disappointed because Collins didn't give us that. Instead Collins gave us real life, not everything will always go the way you want it to, that's life, which is an important lesson to learn. Not everything is a fairytale

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

Mockingjay wasn't my favorite in the series either but it was realistic and I liked that. I know a lot of people liked Gale more, but in the end Peeta is just a better match for Katniss. They helped balence each other and they both know what it was like in the games. Sure Katniss was a bit whiny, annoying and didn't do much, but imagine you were in her place. I probably would have broken down even before the beginning of The Hunger Games Chapter 1 because of all the hardships she faced. Even people as amazingly strong as Katniss have their breaking point. I was really sad that Prim died. I mean it was the end they were so close to winning that fight against the Capitol, but she just didn't make it. To me this was a realistic book that tied up the series.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

[ Edited ]

Agreed. I was most disappointed with the last book. The first and second one were pretty amazing. I came into the third one with the same expectations and it failed. The ending was rushes, Katniss became a weak sort of character that kept giving up or ending in the hospital. And she was whiny. In the first 2 books, she was this STRONG stubborn minded girl that I really enjoyed reading about. I thought she should've ended up with Gale, because they've been together for so long. Peeta was a good choice too, I would've been happy with both. I don't mind Prim dying (WAIT! before you yell at me), I cried at that part, but it was a dramatic effect to the book, so I liked that. Though I would rather have her alive though. I hate how Gale and her mom just left. Like that. Just gone. I thought they needed a confrontation scene so Gale could at least see how Katniss coped. At the end she portrayed Gale as a heartless guy who just left for a big fancy job. But in the first 2 books, he was in love with her. You could tell. Then he just left. I could understand how her mom can't come back to the district, but I really wish she would've at least visited her. Overall, I didn't really like this book. It gave me the ending to the triology, but not the one I expected.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

I hated the last book. The second one was okay but it was somewhat almost politicy complicated for me.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

I love all the books. The ending was kind of rushed but i still love the all :smileyhappy:

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

I think the ending of the book is exactly how it had to end; the people end up in the right place with the right other people.


That said, I truly believe Collins took the easy way out when she paired Katniss and Peeta.


I don't think it was horrible to kill Prim; it might not have been necessary but it certainly made a point.

When Katnis point-blank asks Gale if the weapon had been his design and he says it could have been, Collins chickened out.  Gale had always been true to the belief that nothing mattered as much as freedom.  A true Gale reaction would have been a solemn "Yes, it probably was.  I'm horrified that Prim was killed and I grieve her, but none of us are more important than the cause and I'm not sorry it happened."  That's who Gale is.  He was a true rebel, an activist, a fighter.


Katniss never cared as much for the cause as Gale, as most any of the other main characters; her sister and her mother were her world.  Hearing him say that would have jarred her, would have made her realize that she would never mean more than the cause to him and that he wasn't the person she could have loved forever.  Not because he might have been responsible for her sister's death, but because he saw her sister as a necessary causulty of war.  That while he grieved Prim, if it ensured freedom, it was worth it.   


As it is, it felt very much like Collins didn't want to write such an adult statement in a "teen" book; up to that point she had treated her audience like young adults.  I see her inability to properly write the scene as giving up and treating us, her audience, as children.


I did find it difficult to believe that Snow could have so completely brainwashed Peeta (seemed urnealistic) and that they could so easily (relatively speaking) have brought him back from it.


Catching Fire was by far my favorite of the trilogy because in that book, everone sees something as more important than him or herself.  And the world needs more people who think like that.

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

Y'all should look up the actors that'll play katniss, primm, gale, peeta, haymitch and effie in The Hunger Games movie. NOT JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

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Re: Hunger Games Trilogy- DISAPPOINTED!!!

I completely agree. Katniss should have chosen Gale, instead of Peeta.