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I am honestly sick of...

all these repetive Twilight threads. I am a big fan of the book and love them dearly, and read them about 2 1/2 years ago.


There's so many Twilight threads here, and I'm just sick of it, that's why I don't come on these boards a lot.


I've made threads about other good books, but no one responds because all you guys talk about is this one thing. 


And I honestly think its a fad for most and will die out once the movies are made, like Harry Potter. Only the loyal fans stuck around after DH came out.



These are my thoughts. 



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major obsesser over so many things.

I love to read and write poetry/lyrics and short stories. The layers of music fascinates me. Someday, I want to do movie soundtracks, maybe, or teach. The book to movie transition fascinates me to the extreme. I've been mesmorized by the way Harry Potter and Twilight and so many others have been brought into movies is something I think I would love to do.
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Re: I am honestly sick of...

i know it's annoying to see the same posts over and over but to tell you the truth i don't think there's going to be a change if we complain about it. we all have complained but the new people on the forums don't look at the threads saying "stop posting twilight threads" and they don't know they're being annoying or anything lol. they probably think they're starting a complete new thread that no one else has posted. that's my theory anyway. i've just learned to ignore them ... unless it's actually one of the more unique twilight threads.
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Re: I am honestly sick of...

I am so with you on that. They keep building it up and ruining i think.
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Re: I am honestly sick of...

Im sick of people bashing us for something we are in love with and have a deep pasion about!!!!
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"I'll go if you stop saying that." replied Bella.

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Re: I am honestly sick of...

if u hate the threads so much...IGNORE THEM!
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Re: I am honestly sick of...

And if you don't like them we are making a petion to have a Twilight Book Club
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Re: I am honestly sick of...

I am also really sick , but I totally respect each other choises for books but there are more books really  :smileyfrustrated:
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Re: I am honestly sick of...

I love the books very much but i really do understand where u are coming from, lol its hard sometimes to find threads that are not about the series!!