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What's the meaning of life?
Is it all about strife?
Is it all about love?
Or all of the above?
Is it about the way we dress?
Or about staying out of mess?
Is it about having fun?
Or just about wars and gun?

Life has a deeper meaning
than you'd ever thought it has.
It's something more than your well-being
you had in the past.

Because life is the reason
why we are here in this world.
And life is the reason
why we have God's Word.

Life is so much like a road
that is full of ups and downs.
Indeed, life is like a road
that leads to a far-'way town.
The journey could be long and dusty,
or it could also be heavenly.
But whatever it might be,
to us it's a mystery.

Just go along with it,
and you will be alright.
Don't you dare contest it,
for that would be not right.

And don't try to sneak out
to see what lies ahead,
but keep yourself on track
and simply follow the way you were lead.

These are suggestions, not judgment,
but it is for your improvement,
so you better do and keep them
and care it like a precious gem.

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