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Re: Let's analyze Bella!?

How Bella changes. In Twilight she's a whiny b****y human. In Breaking Dawn she's a whiny b****y vampire.

Check it out :smileywink:
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Re: Let's analyze Bella!?

   I personally think that Bella is..Confused.  There are definitely some actions that she made in the books that I would have done totally differently.  Although I think that is the kind of personality Stephenie Meyer wanted her to take on. 

   The person that I really despise is Kristin Stewart.  I don't think she plays Bella right.  It bothers me.  She drinks, smokes, and makes these ridiculous faces!  I mean, how could you possibly hire her and think that she is in anyway like Bella???

   Anyway, those are my thoughts. :smileyhappy: 


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Re: Let's analyze Bella!?

Bella is a really weird character.  I mean sometimes you feel sorry for her, like when Edward leaves, but other times you really just want to punch her in the face for being a jerk.  I especially hate it when she kisses Jacob, I mean, I'm not sure what I would do in the situation, but come on your engaged!  It's just not right.  She isn't even married yet and she's already cheating on her husband, well fiance.  I do like Jacob though, even though he kind of blackmailed her, I just feel bad for him, it seems like he was thrown in the trash by Bella, like she really didn't consider how he felt.  Or maybe its because Taylor Lautner plays him in the movie.  Who knows?  But that's just what I think:smileyhappy:

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Re: Let's analyze Bella!?

I'm actually not a big fan of Bella. She was all right at the beginning of Twilight, but then she got more annoying as the books progressed. Instead of being flattered by being liked at her new school, she almost resented it. I also felt like she was too dependent on the men in her life, and that she couldn't be happy without them. Because she spent all of her time with Edward, she practically had no one there for her when he left. Without him, she spiraled into a depression and didn't find happiness until Jacob came into the picture. When Jacob left her after he became a werewolf, she went right back to the mindset she had after Edward was gone. I just think that she's not a very strong character because her happiness is dependent on the men in her life. Plus, I really think she was such a jerk to Jacob in Eclipse. He was my favorite character in the series, so that may be why I don't really like Bella, haha.

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Re: Let's analyze Bella!?

I guess I didn't really like or hate bella in the books she was just ok. My favorite character was Alice!

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