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New add-on story. feel free to add on !!

    Running as fast as I could I realized that I cant escape the pack of wolves chasing me. The next thing i knew i was hurled to the ground and i could feel the claws and teeth of the alphamale digging into the back of my neck and the back of my head.

    My head swirled as i tried to fight him off but by this time the rest of the pack had shown up. In all there were 7 wolves biting into my flesh.

     In the distance i heard my father-who was the vampire lord of the shadow world-Dimitrius cromwell calling my name. I tried to answer but i couldnt because the wolves on top of me were crushing my airways. That was when i blacked out. I was only 7 when my father was killed by the wolves sent by a rivaling lord. Only it wasn't the wolves or the rivaling lords fault that he and my mother were killed. It was mine. I was told not to go out into the woods at night and i did anyway. My mother and father came looking for me. Because they were looking for me they died.If i hadn't been where i wasnt supposed to be they would still be alive.

     My name is Rosalie Marie Cromwell. I have blonde hair and ice blue eyes. I'm a dhampir. Basically that means that i'm only half vampire. Yes dhampirs have fangs but we dont have to have blood to survive. we just like it. Dhampirs aren't very common in England which is where i'm from. Female dhampirs are even more rare because dhampirs are required to take special training in order to help protect the shadow world. Female dhampirs cant always take the training.

    In England Vampires rule the shadow world. In the shadow world there are vampires, dhampirs, werewolves, and witches.  Ever since my dad died I've been living in foster care while attending an academy for all of the non-human kids. The academy is named after my father because he sanctioned it so un non-human kids could have a chance at a normal life.  When my parents were killed i inherited everything from the castle/academy and cars to all of their money and even the title of leader of the night world. At this moment in time my uncle is head of the night world because i'm not quite old enough to handle the position but as soon as i turn 18 the title is rightfully mine and i have to take over.

     Before i started school at the academy i changed my last name so no one would know who i was. Ever since i was younger i was always a misfit. A violent misfit. I would beat kids up just because they made me mad. I didnt dress nicely because it didnt matter. Every one still made fun of me. Thats pretty much my life story up until the point when someone kidnapped me trying to use me as a weapon against the lords of the shadow world.

    " Miss Hallowell." Professor Demali said. Shaken out of my reverie i turned away from the window- it was winter and the snow was falling and it was night time so the light from the moon and stars made is sparkle- and back to the front of the class. it was only the start of my junior year and i already hated this class.

    " Yes sir? " I asked.

    " Do you have your report or dont you?" He asked snidely. because no one knew who i really was the teachers treated me like crap just like they did the rest of the students.

    " Yes i do." I said sarcasstically and know that i was going to get called to the headmaster's office, because i'm clarvoyant, i handed him my report and waled out of the class.

    " Miss hallowell where exactly do you think you're going?" He shouted after me.

    " I'm going to get called to the headmaster's office in 3 seconds." I replied grinning.

    When the voice of Professor Anthony Robinson, the headmaster, came over the loud speaker lily, kevin, emily,emmet, and christian- the few friends i did have- busted out in laughter. Everyone knew that all dhampirs have one or two special abilities usually inherited from their one vampire parent, but i'm an odd case, I inherited extreme endurance, and extra sensitive senses. I got something different from my mother though. I inherited her clarvoyancy. What makes me even more of a freak is that i'm the only clarvoyant dhampir.

    When i walked into professor Robinson's office he said in an angered tone " Sit down Rosalie."

    " Yes sir." I obeyed immediately.

    " I heard you hit Alexus Renolds today." He said disappointedly.

    " Yes"

    " Why?"

    " She wouldnt leave me alone.She kept calling me a freak because i can see the future."

    " So you gave her a black eye?" He asked incedilously.

    " Yeah..." My face fell. " So how much trouble am i in?"

    " You have been suspended from everything except classes and any extra practice sessions that you wish to attend until further notice." He said coldly. After a minute of him staring down at me his face softened. " Rosalie i know its hard for you to be near the toher students but you have to quite being so violent. There is a time and place for everything. The time and place for violence is when you are in training with the vampires and dhampirs. Oh by the way, I've placed you in a new set of classes. You will now be in classes with the seniors. The teachers keep complaining that you are to smart for your junior classes."  He said and handed me a schedule. " Your next training class is with professor marcus. He is aware that you are coming.  Go to your practice session. If you kick someones ass there i cant do anything about it."  He smiled then turned back to gazing out the window as i left the office to go to my new training class with professor marcus. 

    I walked in the door a minute after the bell rang and marcus shouted " Hallawell ! You're late." but when i saw him smile and wink i knew i wasnt really in any trouble. " Class this is Rosalie Hallawell. She just transfered into this class."

    " I'm sorry sir. Professor Robinson wished to see me." I explained.

    " Whatever. You are partnered with  the new kid from america, Leo sommers."

    " Sir... but she's a girl ! " Leo complained.

    " You shouldnt have said that man. She might use some kind of evil clarvoyant powers to tell you a future that you dont want." A smartass vampire kid Elliot said.

    " Professor Marcus can i fight with him first?" I asked" I'm just itching to shove my fist into his face to shut him the hell up." I glared at Elliot.

    " You really think you can hurt me bitch." Elliot snapped.

    " No Rosalie. I've paired you with Leo. Leo I'm aware that shes a girl. In fact i'm sure that all of the young men in this class are. And elliot, if i hear one more word about Rosalie out of your mouth i'll make sure she does kick your ass."

    " Fine." Leo said then he turned to me and said " Don't worry I'll go easy on you Rosie." I just looked at professor marcus who shrugged and said " Give it your all Rose"

    " Don't get discouraged if i beat you babygirl." Leo said cockily.

    " Dont worry i wont." I said.

    " Enough chatter you two get to it." Marcus snapped." Leo you throw the first punch."

    " Whatever you say." Leo said as he swung and tried to land a blow on my face. I ducked the blow but i decided i was going to have a bit of fun and let him think he was winning so when he tried to kick my legs out from under me i let him.. I gave professor Marcus a look like i was bored and he just laughed and continued watching.

    I let leo have a couple punches to my stomach before i started to fight back. From that point on i blocked every punch he threw at me then i gave him a black eye.  I kicked his legs out from under him then straddled him pinning him to the ground. He just stared at me in amazement. 
    " I think Mr Sommers that i should have had Rose here go east on you." Marcus laughed.

    " How did she beat me. She's a freaking girl." Leo exclaimed.

    " I don't know.Rosalie will fight me now and maybe you'll see how she beat you." Marcus said.

    " What?" I asked surprised.

    " I want to see what level you are on because you seem to advanced to be in the senior defese class."

    " Ok i guess." I said uncertainly.

    I Let Professor Marcus throw the first puch. I blocked almost every punch except for one to my eye. I was doing really well. at one point during the fight Professor Marcus threw a kick that i wasnt expecting that hit me in the side of the face. Panic flashed across Marcus's face thinking that he had hurt me but when i jumped to my feet he conticued his attack. He hit me a couple times in the stomach knocking me to my knees but each time i got back up and tighted my defenses. I hit him in the stomach, making him double over in pain then kicked his legs out from under him and pinned him to the ground but he quickly reversed it pinning me to the ground.

    " Damn Rosalie. Where did you learn to fight like that?" Marcus asked as he let me up. He had slipped completely out of his teacher role and into one of an amazed warrior. I stood up.

    " I dont really..." I started but i lost my sight and screamed as the vision started. I doubled over then hit the floor. I wasn't aware of the enitre class including Marcus crowding around me. I only saw that my hands and feet were bound, i was blindfolded, gagged, and i was sitting in a chair being beaten someone spoke sharply in german.

    " Rosalie ! " Marcus shouted. He and the rest of the class were clearly alarmed about what had happened." Are you all right ? " He asked as i was pulled out of the vision.

   " No i had a vision." I whispered. The color drained from Marcus's face.

    " What did you see Rose? " Marcus asked sharply.

    " Some one kidnapped me. I was bound, blindfolded, and gagged they were torturing me. I was somewhere pretty dark. The people that took me were speaking german." I explained.

    " Leo Run and get Professor Robinson and a nurse as fast as you can."




( sorry for any spelling mistakes. Feel free to add anything you want !!! )

" Its a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now i said i wouldnt come but i lost all control and i need you now and i dont know how i can do without i just need you now"
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Re: New add-on story. feel free to add on !!

wow ! i didnt realize it was that long lol
" Its a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now i said i wouldnt come but i lost all control and i need you now and i dont know how i can do without i just need you now"
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Re: New add-on story. feel free to add on !!

hey thats cool


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Re: New add-on story. feel free to add on !!

i was bored so i just started writing... Any one feel free to add anything you want
" Its a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now i said i wouldnt come but i lost all control and i need you now and i dont know how i can do without i just need you now"
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Re: New add-on story. feel free to add on !!

Once leo left, Marcus turned back to me, " Why did they take you Rosalie?" He asked me.

   " I'm not sure ... what they said in german was that i was only valuable alive and that the one man could only kill me after they got what they wanted, but they could kill the others." I explained.

   After a few moments Professor Robinson, Leo, and the nurse walked in but i was already drifting into the world of unconsciousness that always came after a strong vision that was bad.

   " I want to go home Professor." I said quietly.

   " I'll see what i can do Rosalie." Professor Robinson said.

   " I can drive myself home."

   " Rosalie. You are not driving in this condition." Professor Robinson scolded.

   " I'll drive her home." Leo said as he stepped up to Professor Robinson.

   " I'll go to." Marcus said." Someone will have to explain this to her foster parents.

   " Thats fine. Rosalie, Marcus and Leo are going to take you home. Oh and Marcus, remember that they dont know she's clarvoyant."

   The last thing i remember was Marcus carrying me up to my room and saying something about my foster parents not being there. I knew exactly where they were though. My foster dad was out at the clubs doing drugs and drinking and my foster mom was out being the prostitute that she is.  Since dhampirs days and nights are switched when i awoke well after midnight, knowing that i was already very late for my classes, I quickly dressed in a pair of jeans and a hoodie then ran downstairs to grab a granola bar and then go to school. In my rush to get out the door i ran into my foster dad who was coming inside after being out at the club. When i ran into him he flew into a drunken rage. He hit my hard leaving bruises on my chest and arms. He ripped my hoodie off of me and tried to get my pants and shirt off. I realized that he was trying to rape me. I'm not allowed to hit my foster parents because i'm so much stronger than them so i used my incedible dhampir speed to get away. I ran straight into the forest and towards the academy. But my foster dad was following me. He and my foster mom had always been abusive but they were never this bad. I knew that if i stuck around this time he would end up killing me. When i got to the center of the forest i decided to slow down. After a little while i slowly made it to the edge of the forest but i couldnt make it to the school so i sat down in the cold snow and called Professor Robinson.

   " Hello?" He said questioningly.

   " Sir i need help." I sobbed.

   " Rosalie! Where are you? Whats wrong?" He shouted.

   " In the forest by the school. Please come get me. My foster dad is following me and he's really drunk. Please come, and bring help." I said.

   " We'll be right there Rose." He said quickly.

   " Wait can you bring me some new clothes i'm all wet and i'm really cold."

   " Ok Rosalie. We'll be right there and we'll bring you some new clothes." then the line was disconnected.

Before professor Robinson could get to me my foster dad found me.

    He hit me in the mouth knocking my into the tree the i was sitting near then proceeded to kick me while i was down.

   " No one runs away from me you little bitch." He shouted. He was about to kick me in the face but before he could someone pulled him away and hit him on the head, knocking him unconscious.

I coughed trying to catch my breath.

   " Rose." Professor Robinson said, rushing to my side." Marcus we have to get her out of the snow and get her into dry clothes. She's starting to turn blue. Lucinda take the wet clothes off of her then put the dry clothes on. "

   " Yes sir." Lucinda replied as she statred to take my ripped clothing off of me.

   When they tried to pull my shirt off i cried out in pain.

   " Whats wrong Rose?" Marcus asked quickly.

   " Dont pull my clothes off. It hurts to bad."

" Its a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now i said i wouldnt come but i lost all control and i need you now and i dont know how i can do without i just need you now"