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Not Sure what to read, any advice?

Okay so im out of books to read and i was wondering what i should read next, just for reference i will list the books/series ive gotten through



Harry Potter

Mortal Instruments

Morganville Vampires

House of Night

Blue Bloods


Wicked Lovely (as well as the next two)

The Host


Vampire Academy

Last Vampire series

Den Of Shadows series


Vampire Diaries

Secret Circle


Uglies series

Peeps + The Last Days

Blue is for Nightmares series

Wicked (all four books)

Witch Season (all four)

Cathy's Book and Cathy's Key


Ive tried to read vampire kisses but i find it...poorly thought out i guess is the best way to put it.


so by the list ya'll can tell what im into so any suggestions would be great!! Thnx!

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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

The Luxe series, it's about the New York high society class in the late 1800's. Also The Pretty Little Liars series, and Private novels.
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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

Why havent you read: 

The Hunger Games <----Read that first, its amazing.

Then...these are good.

Wondrous Strange




Bones of Faerie <----I personally think it wasnt all tha great, but I had nothing to read.


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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

pretty little liars is really good. :smileyhappy: i liked eragon alot to.
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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

some really good awesomely book:



hatching magic

the dragon of never was

dragon haven


dragon rider 

dragon silpper

and so on.....

you can see more on my profile:smileyhappy:

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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

Eragon is always a good choice.

I loved this book called Rebecca, it's by Daphne Du Maurier. It's a little boring at first but it starts to REALLY pull you in.

I'm reading Blue Bloods:smileyhappy:

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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

Read the Hunger Games     its AMAZING    

I also liked

The Book Thief      bit sad

I am the Messenger     also awesome

Spud      bit inappropriate

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Re: Not Sure what to read, any advice?

the lovely bones.

saving zoe

jessicas guide to dating on the dark side.


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