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Point of View

What's your favorite point of view? How do you like your stories to be told? Favorite writing style?


The reason I'm asking this is because I'm trying to write some stuff and things aren't really coming together the way I would like them to. I myself like the first person narration (and its even better when you have more than one character telling the story). But I want other's opinons as well. Also I having trouble with names, so if you could list of some of your favorite names including: guys, girls, and last names. Thanks!

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Re: Point of View

I like first person.  I also sometimes like a story told from 2 POVs-I think if there are more it can get a little confusing & irritating.  I think the occasional 3rd POV is ok too. 


I like names like: Emory, Rowan, Brenna for girls & Brad, Finn, Will for boys.  I also think it's cute when there are nicknames for characters

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Re: Point of View

I like the first person because I enjoy knowing how the characters are feeling. I like the names Alaina and Virginia for girls and Caleb and Jacob for boys.

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Re: Point of View

Ohh I love first POV along with different narrators. It spices up a book in my opinion. I think it's easier to relate to a female narrator too. 


For names I love unique ones. For girls I like Annabella, Shawna, Aria, Kaye, and Cleo. For boys I like Finn, Brad, Taylor, Caleb, Joshua, Drake, and Jeff.  

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Re: Point of View

I think third person views are better in my opinion.

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Re: Point of View

I think it depends partly on what kind of story you're telling.  For example, it's hard to do meaningful first-person narration when the narrator is trying to solve a mystery, but is stupid enough to overlook an obvious clue.  You end up trying to "dumb down" your writing, even though you're not as stupid as your character, and too much of that awkwardness usually shows through to the reader.  Usually, when I found myself doing that, I'd rewrite the story in the third person, where the reader doesn't have quite as much insight into the character's mind.  It's been years since I really tried to write anything, but, back when I did, I kept thinking that if only I had any real talent, I'd somehow be able to either write stupidly enough in the first person, or rewrite the story such that the character doesn't miss the obvious clue, but still doesn't solve the mystery right away.


But if what you're writing is, for example, more like a romance than a mystery, you sometimes have more leeway:  "When I saw Jason pass Stephanie the note in History class, I felt rage such as I'd never known.  He was cheating on me!  I'd scratch her eyes out after study hall!"  (Silly and wildly exaggerated to make my point.)  The narrator doesn't have to be so stupid that you can't possibly believe it 100 pages later when she solves the mystery (who gave her the new, smarter personality, and when? And why?); all she's done is mistake the answers to the History test for a love letter, something you might do if you're deliriously happy to be dating the cute guy in History class (who, you fear, lusts after the head cheerleader, who is using the science geek to improve her grades, etc., etc.  I was always the science geek.).


Bottom line is that I think it usually depends on what you're writing.  I usually prefer to read first person stories, but not when I have too many problems believing that the narrator could have done (or failed to do) too many of the things attributed to him or her.


Anyway, that's my take on this.  And good luck with your writing!


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Re: Point of View

I like first person. I like to know what that one person is seeing and feeling. I also like it when there is a boy and a girl in a book and it switches from him to hers point of view. Some of my favorite names are Dimitri, Bella, Grace, Willow, Sam, Damon, and Gabry. 

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Re: Point of View

I'm sure third person works with every kind of genre, well I'm not really sure actually.

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Re: Point of View

My favorite point of view is first because I can really relate to the character that way and read what he or she is feeling on the inside. I like stories to be told honestly. I want to really know and relate to the main character. I love a book that I can feel like I'm the character telling it, or like I'm watching a movie in my head. My favorite writing style is anything that the author feels comfortable with. I don't mind writing journal entries for my characters, but I wouldn't go around looking for a book that has journal entries in it, but I would read one. (I hope that makes sense :smileyhappy: )


Good luck! :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Point of View

My faveorite is thirs person, second being alternating first person. This is because i like to get into all of the characters heads not just the one the author deems most important

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Re: Point of View

My favorite is first person with alternating narrators.

Boy: James

Girl:Elizabeth (First one I thought of)

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Re: Point of View

I think the point of view you should write in is the one you are more comfortable with! =)

And here are some names I like..

Boy- Ethan, Lucas, Tristan, Sebastian, Adrain, Jace, Seth, Emmett, Graham, Damian

Girl- Isabella, Ava, Charlotte, Zoey, Faye, Alice, Elizabeth, Ashlynn

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Re: Point of View

I like writing in first person and reading in first person. But sometimes story's call for second person. What feels best may be best.
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Re: Point of View

I'll start with names, I have a weird obsession with them -














As for point of view, I enjoy first person when the story is told from multiple characters, otherwise I feel like I get a more in depth look at the story from a 3rd person're not just hearing what one person sees or feels, you get the "whole" story.

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Re: Point of View

I think it depends on the story and the mood you want to set. I've written in both. Try writing the first chapter in 1st and 3rd and see which you like better. 

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