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Recommend good books?

I've been searching for some good books but none have caught my eye. Does anyone have any recommendations? I read pretty much anything, fantasy,christian romance,mystery..ect.


If you could help me out it'd be appreciated. =]



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Re: Recommend good books?

I'll rate them 2 1-5:smileyvery-happy:


-The mortal instruments series (5) I absolutely love this series and the characters may be tough and can be a smarta** at times they're really real and more relateable. Plus the story line is really good. It has action/romance/vampires and stuff if u like that/ and of course drama!! lol not really its not like annoying girly drama. lol, but its one of my fav.


-Kissed by an angel series (4) was a really good series and i really like it. At first i was like who would want 2 kill tristian and ivy and when u find out who is behind everything and how some parts of the story turn out you'll really like it. It had enough twists and turns to keep me reading. It me cry though!!



-The morganville vampire series (4) Is a really good book and has awesome characters they r by far my favorite characters out of all of the books ive read. They r all so different but at the same time they get along so well together. They story line is really good though 2 lol. Make sure you hav the next book in the series before u finish the one ur reading because the author leaves u hanging!!!



I hav plentiy more suggestions so if u want 2 know more just ask. Srry its so long! (=

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Re: Recommend good books?

I got a list so I'll put the series up that I've read xD or a few actually...

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. It's three books, City of Bones \ City of Ashes \ City of Glass. Good series, great read, very interesting. She's also writing a prequel trilogy. I forgot the name of the trilogy but I know it's something Clockwork. The books are The Clockwork Princess (2010) \ The Clockwork Prince (2011) \ The Clockwork Kingdom (2012)


His Dark Materials by Phillip Pulman. Amazing books they have the three main books. The Golden Compass \ The Subtle Knife \ The Amber Spyglass. Then they have two short story books a prequel called Once Upon A Time In The North and a sequel called Lyra's Oxford. He's writing another book set after Lyra's Oxford which is part of the main story. And another small story.


Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. This series is epic. It involves of 7 main books. They all have, Harry Potter and the, and then have the title. Sorcerer's Stone \ Chamber of Secrets \ Prisoner of Azkaban \ Goblet of Fire \ Order of the Phoenix \ Half-Blood Prince \ Deathly Hallows. Then there are two books she wrote, very short books, for this charity where all the money the books make goes to a charity. Those are called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them \ Quidditch Through The Ages. She's also writing an Encyclopedia for Harry  Potter. Where it'll give the history of all of the characters she wrote about, more details about them, about the magical places, about the rules, about the creatures. Basically she's giving us extra information about everything and everyone. She doesn't know when it'll be released but she has everything down. (It's basically all of her notes). The money will be going to a charity. Then she has another short book which involves of 5 I think short stories and it's called Beedle the Bard. All of the money also goes to a charity.


Uglies Trilogy +1 by Scott Westerfeld. They involve of Uglies \ Pretties \ Specials and the +1 is Extras. This series is AMAZING! It teaches a lot about who you want to be and who you really are and it's always exciting and epic. I recommend this a lot and every other work by him which I will read xD.


I can't think of others right now seeing as I'm tired and too lazy to go see my books haha. So when I'm untired and unlazy I'll put them up here. xD

Check it out :smileywink:
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Re: Recommend good books?

Thanks so much guys!



Oh i really like vampire books! Theres just so many out there its hard to know which are the good ones.I'll probably try to rent out the morganville vampire series. Thanks for all the recomendations!



I read the midnighters series from scott westerfeld and i really liked them. I saw the uglies and pretties series but I wasn't sure if they were any good.Now i have a reason to take a good peek at them. :smileywink:



Thanks so much guys for helping me out, i've discovered a few books while waiting for responses.

1) Its not about me -Michelle sutton

2)Just As I am -Virginia Smith


So i thought id share those, just incase someones read those. =]



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Re: Recommend good books?

gemma doyle trilogy-libba bray


wicked lovely series-melissa marr


mortal instruments series- cassandra clare


den of shadows series-amelia atwater-rhodes


sisters of isis series- lynne ewing


vampire diaries- LJ smith


night world series-LJ smith


kissed by an angel trilogy-elizabeth chandler


skinned-robin wasserman


13 reasons why- jay asher


hunger games- suzanne collins


the darkest powers series-kelly armstrong


jane eyre-charlotte bronte


rebecca- daphne du mauvier





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Re: Recommend good books?

Here's a short list:


Wake by Lisa Mcmann and Fade (sequel to Wake)

Peeps series by Scott Westerfield

House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent (loved this one!)


Thats just a few.  Hope you find something you enjoy!

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