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Romantic Comedies/ Drama------ Any Suggestions ????

Hi I need some good romantic comedies or dramas for YA
do you have any suggestions
you can even suggest a really good series
here are a few examples:
By Sharon Draper:
Tears of a Tiger
Forged by Fire
The Bluford High Series
The Sweet Valley High Series
Royally Jacked by Nikki Burnham
The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

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Re: Romantic Comedies/ Drama------ Any Suggestions ????

I suggest a series called the Romantic Comedies. Its published by Simon Pulse. And the series is written by several different authors. My favorites are by Jennifer Echols (Major Crush and The Boys next Door).
Also the Private Series and Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian.
Also Angel's in Pink Series its alittle more depressing but its a nice read.

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Looking for a romance book. Recommend anything?

Hi, Is there any good teen romance book about a girl who falls in love with a boy and their families hate each other? Sort of like Romeo and Juliet. P.S. I've read twilight.
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Re: Looking for a romance book. Recommend anything?

you should try reading The Pact. its by the same author as my sisters keeper and has the whole romeo and Juliet thing going on without being like the same story all over again
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romance novel recamendations

i love romance novels!!! can someone make any suggestions??:robothappy: (this is a cool robot!!lol)
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Re: romance novel recamendations

The only Teen Romance novel that I have read and acutally really liked was Forever by Judy Blume.
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Re: Romantic Comedies/ Drama------ Any Suggestions ????

Try the novel South Beach Sizzle or Hailey Abbott's "Summer" Series.