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I wanted to read some good YA Science Fiction and Fantasy over the summer. Anybody know of some good novels/series that would be a good read?

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Re: Suggestions!

Check out the ultimate book recommendation thread

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Re: Suggestions!

Oh geez I just got done with a science fiction course lol, but I'm not going to recommend any of those to you. They were horrible with the exception of Frankenstien which is a all time classic so you might want to give that a go.


Some good science fiction/fantasy that I'm reading is:



Storm Thief


Wild Magic

Survivng Antartica


Inside Out

Incarceron (I think this would put under this category)

The Maximum Ride Series (again, not really sure if this is put under this category)


Some that I have already read and loved!


Unwind (highly recommend since I read it last summer and absolutely loved it!)

The L.O.S.T series


Gemma Doyle Trilogy


maybe check out my libray? I've already rated all the ones I've read


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