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Re: Teen Chat Room!

On a Monday morning, she wakes up shaking. Her nightmares continue, she thinks, 'god! Will they ever end. Will my whole life be based on that tragic accident that happened over a year ago.' Later that day, her best friend ask's her if she's alright. She lies and say's yes. But she couldn't live with the lying, the secrecy. She had to tell someone, anyone. That she murdered someone.


Haha, if your wondering... "What the frack is this girl writing about?" I just started my second book. So far 9 chapters, 22 to go.

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Re: Teen Chat Room!

we normally don't chat on this thread we click on the link that Lexie has posted in the first post and chat on there. If you want to post about your book you can start a new thread about it or go over to the writing room and post about it over there. :smileyhappy:

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