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The Hunger Games Trilogy

I am almost done with the third book in this series but I wanted to ask:


If you've read the Harry Potter series, did you find yourself comparing this one to that one?

If you didn't (or tried not to compare it) how were you able to separate the two?

If you did compare them to each other, which would you say is better suited for the age range it is reaching out to?

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Re: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Okay, i haven't actually finished the first book, but I can say this: i don' t think it is right to compare books. I have had many people reccomend these books to me and am leary about starting them. Here's the thing, the last major series i had reccommended to me was twilight and i wasn't impressed. Honestly anything that people compare to something else should slightly be similar. When people compare a book about wizards to a book about vampires, or anything, it just isn't fair.

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Re: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I have to agree with ^ (sorry, forgot to look at the name). I haven't read the Harry Potter books, but many friends of mine have and have discussed them with me, and I've seen the movies. Comparing Hunger Games (which I read and loved all three) to Harry Potter is comparing apples and oranges, for lack of a better cliche. Not only with the plot lines, but also, isn't Harry Potter written in third person? The Hunger Games is written in first, so the style of the book and how information is revealed is entirely different. Yup, no comparison possible if you ask me.