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Re: The Luxe Movie

I think if Ian Somerhalder were younger he would be perfect for Henry 

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Re: The Luxe Movie

Henry cavill is who i pictured most of the time for henry schoonmaker and keira knightley as diana holland, even though she may be a little old for the part she does fit the role quite perfectly in my opinion.


Rosamund pikes for the elder holland sister, elizabeth. Then kelly reily with dark hair as penelope. but megan fox would be good too!

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Re: The Luxe Movie

when i was reading it i thought of it more


chace crawford as Henry Schoonmaker

rachel mcaddams as Penelope Hayes

  carri mulligan as Elizabeth Holland

 Rachel hurdwood as Diana Holland

selena gomez as Carolina Broud

Penn Bladgely as Grayson Hayes

jeremy sumpter as Will Keller

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Re: The Luxe Movie

Penelope- Scarlett Johansson (She has the same curves, lips, eyes and hair) or maybe Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde?

Henry- Tom Welling is how I always pictured Henry (Although I do think that Henry Cavill fits the description as well)

Diana- Emma Roberts? I think Leighton Meester would make a good Diana Holland but then people would relate the movie/series to Gossip Girl :/

Elizabeth- Rachel McAdams (Blonde haired :smileyhappy:)

Lina- Amanda Seyfried

Teddy- James Marsden or someone new

Will- I agree with James McAvoy :smileyhappy:

Mrs. Holland- Helen Mirren

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Re: The Luxe Movie

[ Edited ]

I'm glad you asked! I've thought about this since the first time I read the series and am currently working on a screenplay with the following in mind:

- Diana Holland: Emma Roberts

- Elizabeth Holland: Anna Kendrick

- Penelope Hayes: Troian Bellisario

- Henry Schoonmaker: Jackson Rathbone

- Teddy Cutting: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (it could happen)

- Will Keller: Hunter Parrish

- Lina Broud: Hayden Panettiere

- Mrs. Holland: Emily Blunt


For a start....