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The Princess Diary

I read the book The Princess Diary I thought it was really good, I have actually read it four times during the time I had it, because I had to check it out of the school library. But this book amazed me it never made me board. It had all this drama in it that just kept me reading it. I liked it cause it also explained a lot of things and gave me visualization during reading. And I also like books that are like a diary. I think the book was cool. Again I really liked it and enjoyed it I really like the author Meg Cabot she makes some pretty cool books. I can't say what the genre is because it has mixed emotions like embarrassment, anger, stress, love, romance, surprises, and more...
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Re: The Princess Diary

you should read the 2nd one its really good
I'm weird cause i hate goodbyes :smileyhappy: