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Vampire books!!!!!!

I love vampire books, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good vampire books.  I would like it if they were part of a series, but if not that's fine too.:smileyvery-happy:

I LOVE vampire books!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

I really liked the House of Night books.  The first one is:


Marked (House of Night Series #1)  


Depending on your age there are some good paranormal (vampire) romance books for adults.  Not really my thing, though.  

- JJ

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

I really liked


Marked (House of Night Series #1)  


The Vampire Diaries #1-2 


The Morganville Vampires (Morganville Vampires Series #1 & 2)   


Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy Series #1)  

- the vampire girl ♥

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

I really liked


Evernight (Evernight Series #1)  












Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy Series #1)  

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

The only actual vampire series I've read are the Vampire Academy books. I like them because you can read them really fast even though they can be up to 400 pages long.

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

Blood Ninja is about vampire ninjas in feudal Japan and it's pretty awesome. I would link it for you, but I can't from the NookColor. It's a bit gory and violent though if that's not your cup of tea.
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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

Right now I am reading the Vapire Academy books by Richelle Mead.  I love them & recommend them-I don't think they are like other vampire books I have read & the main character Rose is pretty awesome!

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!


I recently read Unnatural by Michael Griffo. It was amazing.  It's the first of a series, the second one comes out later this year...I believe in October, but I may be wrong on that.













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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

You should most DEFINITELY read the Vampire Academy series!!! 

This basically sums up how amazing it is!!!

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

You should read vampire kisses.

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

Now my favorite series of all time is called Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan. It is not your normal vampire series which involves romance and all that mushy stuff not saying that all romantic vampire novels are bad they are not I am just more into the action and bestial nature of the vampire race. This series revolves around Larten Crepsley and Darren shan as they go through their adventurous life as vampire master and vampire assistant. Also any the house of night series as well as vampire academy series are also very well written as well as The Ultimate Vampire Series The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Hope this helps happy reading!!!!

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

Books... crazy amazing wonderful things :smileyhappy:
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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

I really liked the Vampire Academy series, you should check it out.
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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

Try Royal Blood Chronicles, by new author Elizabeth Loraine, five books really good!

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

i really like the vampier diaries books.

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

I truly LOVE reading books of Vampire Romance.  I have so many I won't be able to list them all here.


Vampire Kisses Series by Ellen Schreiber

Candace Steel Vampire Hunter Series by Cameron Dean

Dark Elite Series by Chloe Neill

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

House of Night Series by P.C. Cast

Evernight Series by Claudia Gray

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

My Blood Approves Series by Amanda Hocking

Blood Coven Series by Mari Mancusi


Hope you like them!  :smileywink:

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Re: Vampire books!!!!!!

The BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) is an amazing series. Although, it is a little mature

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