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Warrior Cats RP!

Anyone wanna do some Warriors cats role playing? (yes thats what RP stands for...) Just create a warriors cat character, and from then on, it's basically like an add on. Please tell me your character, their description, and their personality. Here is my character:


Name: Treepaw


Status: Apprentice, 7 moons old


Description: brown, tan, and ginger she-cat with silver eyes


Personality: A lively, spunky, and friendly she-cat who makes friends with everyone she meets.


Clan: RiverClan

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Re: Warrior Cats RP!

Awesome I think that this is a great thing to do


Name: moss paw

Status: Apprentice 8 moons old

Clan: thunder clan

Description: dark green, with white stripe down the spine ,blue eyes, short tail, bigest of litter tom

Personality:hyper, friendly, annoyingly short tempered tom cat,
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Crookedstar RiverClan

You bet it's an awesome thing to do!


Name: Crookedstar

Clan: RiverClan

Status: Leader

Age: 2 years old

Description: Unlike the Warriors Crookedstar, I'm a calico

cat with long hair and bold green eyes. Front right paw is

slight crooked, and harder to bend then most cats' paws.

Personality: Energetic, thinks before acts; she cat (unlike the

Warriors one); tries to make friends with other Clans, as

I could have them be allies and I know their top weaknesses

when in battle; tries to laways lighten the Clan's spirit

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Crookedstar RiverClan

:  Here is a picture of me.

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RiverClan! I am here. Reply to me if you see me or want to join!

I found some pictures that represent what I think our Clan would

look like. Here is my image of Beestripe:

It's not the best. Best I could do.


Here's Pebblefoot:  Once again, not the best.


Here is Lostwhisper.. kinda. I don't have his description.

In case you were wondering, Lostwhisper is our blind medicine cat.

 Here is Hopeglimmer, my deputy.


Here is Oceanflower.


 Here is my image of Goldenpatch.  Once again, not

completely accurate, but..


Hope you liked these :smileyhappy: