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What do readers like ?

Hello Viewers,


I'm an inspiring writer-but who isn't, and I posting this discussion because I want to know-for my next blog post and myself, what do reader's like in a story. Is it the writing style; the character's, dialogue, genre, plot, meaning, etc ?


So please get back to me, I would greatly appreciate the helpful advice. Also if you want to follow me on my blog visit me at:







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Re: What do readers like ?

In a story I admire the characters and the setting of the scene in which I can relate or become the character and feel as If I am in the novel myself. Character development is fascinating with the coming of age approach. I am also in love with thematic novels in which there is a larger context aside from the obvious themes. I enjoy the contrast of a realistic story in the genre of fiction. I am also an aspiring writer, its my life. I hope I was helpful.

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Re: What do readers like ?

I really think one of the most important things in a story are the chracters. Without them where would the story even be. So I would definitely take time to develop round chracters (and possibly some flat if it adds to your story). I think the writing style and dialogue is really up to you! Take it where you want to take it, and make it your own!! Write about the genre you are most comfortable with. One thing is make sure the plot is entertaining and that the reader is always wanting to know more!! Depending what type of book it is depends on how much meaning you should put into it... I mean if it is an action packed adventure type compared to a coming of age contemporary I'm pretty sure the contemporarys' meaning would be more apparant! =) Hope that helped a wee lil bit!!

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Re: What do readers like ?

I love books that are told from the point of view of the character(srry cant remember the name of this point). i love when you describe what the character looks like early in the book so that i can get a better picture. I dont know how you like to write but thats how do. I, like most teen girls, like a little romance. Action, and suspense are like icing on the cake. I would love to read your writting sometime and i hope this helped :smileyhappy:


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Re: What do readers like ?

Obxgirl7 wrote:

I love books that are told from the point of view of the character(srry cant remember the name of this point). 

That would be first person.


I don't mind either form (first or third) BUT if you are going to have third then do not just follow one character around. If you are going to do third person then show us how other characters are reacting, show us what they do while the heroine is stuck in the clutches of Dr. McBaddreams.

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Re: What do readers like ?

I also like to see character development-think it is very important in a book.  Also if there is a romance I like to see that developed too-not 10 pages after meeting they are in love with each other-I think that is a mistake alot of authors make.  Depends on the genre really.  I also like to know what the setting is-what it looks like and all that but pages upon pages of descriptions & I start to loose interest in the book

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