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Why a Nook?

Ok, I see how the Nook is handy and how it can store several books, but am I the only one who thinks its the stupidest thing EVER?!?!? I don't know what is everyones problem with having to conform to electronics. People are becoming more lazy, and don't even want to leave their own house for a new book. Now you only have to go to your computer and download a new book, instead of going out, driving, and walking around the store for a new book. Call me vintage or old fashioned but honestly, the nook is just lazy.  

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Re: Why a Nook?

I'm right their with you.

For a hot min.

Last year I wanted

a nook or e reader.

But their NOTHING

like the real thing.

To feel and look @

the pages as you

progress though

the book. My generation

is getting lazy. And people trying

to make money off of it.

And they are falling for it.


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Re: Why a Nook?

Why not one?

It isn't about being lazy. What if someone doesn't have a car or can't get a ride? or somone simply doesnt want to go out because of weather?

I think its pretty cool.

Conform to electronics? Haha.


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Re: Why a Nook?

I agree that it is pretty cool. I mean, it isn't so much being lazy. But the books are often cheaper on NOOK, which allows you to read more books. Some books, I wouldn't want to spend my money on, but you can buy packs of 50 or so books for like 3 dollars which makes me more likely to read the books. It isn't being lazy about going to a book store. In fact, many people, like me, probably would still go because you get special in store discounts at barnes and noble.

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Re: Why a Nook?

Its not really about being lazy.  In fact i often drive to the store and wonder about to pick the books out.  For me its a few things.  First off I don't have room for to keep all those books, after a while the build up, so you ether toss them or give them away.  But most people I know also have to many books as well and don't want more.  So on the reason two.  The environment e book don't take resources nor do they take up space in a landfill.  And for the final reason when you go on a trip a e book takes up the space of one book.  With the rising cost for baggage I cant really afford to take 10 books with me on a trip. I recently went to the grand canyon with my family for a month.  My dad and sister were lugging about all these paper backs.  They were so impressed with my Nook that as soon as we got back they got ones as well. Now we all use the same account and share everything we buy. There are some books I will still buy in hard cover but other, I never plan to read again so no reason for it to take up space in my life.

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Re: Why a Nook?

i like the physical feel of the book, but im starting to think it would be more convenient to get a nook, or kindle or something. this is because of the price, and the amount of space would be greatly reduced. but...idk

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Re: Why a Nook?

You know i have had my nookcolor for a couple of days now and i find it great that you can engineer and device with reading capability and still have so much to offer. Personally, i think this is better than an ipad! I went to a nook color class and there were so many people i had to sit in the back. A lot of older people too. The nook color has a lot more to offer than just reading. It helps the evironment and prevents you from throwing the a perfectly good book away. And it also saves trees. I believe its the best!!!!

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Re: Why a Nook?

I find your comment stupid....we are the next generatio. You half to adapt wether or not. I find your comment insulting as well... i have a nook and im not lazy.

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Re: Why a Nook?

For me it's all about SPACE. Right now I have nearly 700 books. It's ridiculous. This month I plan to sell some and start moving them digitally, or in some case, never bother with again. I call myself a book hoarder. At least with nook I can disguise it better. :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Why a Nook?

I'm sorry, but I disagree. I just got the new Nook Color, and it is AMAZING! You can read thousands of books on it, listen to pandora, upload your songs from your computer, upload pics, surf the net, play games, leave notes, and so much more. I respect your opinion, but why not go into a b&n store and try one out for yourself? That way you can form a better judgement based on your experience. :smileyhappy: At first I didn't want a Nook, but now I love it. :smileywink:

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Re: Why a Nook?

I'm sure someone once said the same thing about the calculator.  I cannot believe people are using a machine to add numbers now, how lazy can they be? 

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Re: Why a Nook?

A nook does not make you lazy! I just bought a nook and believe me it took a loooooong time to save enough. Now it is wonderful to fell a real page, but having a nook is a close second. Plus the books on the nook are cheaper. And if you are like me and don't stop reading until you are done, a 600 page hardcover book can be hard to carry around every where. 

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