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Yet another add-on....

         I peeked out from behind the heavy black curtain.  The crowd was getting agitated, eager for the performance.  Butterflys couldn't describe what was happening to my insides.  It was more like a bulldozer shoving through my internal organs.  I toar my eyes away from the crowd, trying to calm down.  I had sung in front of people a million times.  This was no different I told myself.  But it was different.  This wasn't singing in choir at school or at church.  Not even like karaoke night downtown.  This was an actual performance.  Sure we were opening for another band who was ten times better than us, but it was still my first big performance. 

         I put my head inbetween my knees, taking deep breaths.  A hand fell on my shoulder.  "You know you won't be able to sing if your throwing up," Nolan said beside me.  I looked up and gave him a miserable attempt at a glare.  He chuckled deeply and flung his bangs out of his hazel eyes.  He slung his base strap around and lent me a hand.  I smiled at him gratefully.  We silently made our way back to the rest of the band.  Gabe looked up from his guitar and grinned wryly.  

        "She already hyperventilating?"  I pointedly ignored him and sat down on the floor and crossed my legs.  I took deep steady breaths filling my lungs full of air.  

        "Carah?" Gabe asked waving a hand in front of my face.  

        "You're ruining my zen," I huffed, closing my eyes.  He chuckled quietly and went back to tuning his guitar.  

         "Relax will you?" Laura said.  I opened my eyes to discover her crouching down in front of me.  Her blue eyes were lined with a thick rim of black charcoal making her ice blue eyes even more startling.  Her whitish hair hung in threads around her thin face as she smiled at me.  

          "Sorry," I said.  I was pretty sure this was the worst case of stage fright I had ever experienced.  

          "Come on, we're about to go on," she said pulling her drum sticks from her studded belt.  My stomach did another flip.  Laura pushed me toward the mike and stuck her tongue out at me, the blue ball of her tongue ring glowing neon.  Gabe and Nolan were already hooked into their amps, ready to go.  I took a deep breath and swallowed hard.  The speakers suddenly crackled.  

          "Opening tonight is the Heat Wave," a woman said, her voice rough, like she had smoked too many cigarettes in her lifetime.  I glanced over at Nolan.  He grinned at me like this was all just a big joke.  It didn't help any to lighten my mood.  The curtain started to open and the lights blinded me.  

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Re: Yet another add-on....

I gasped. There was more people then I anticipated. Rows after rows filled by people. I walked slowly toward the microphone wishing the band hadn't signed up for this. I turned around to see if they had stage fright like me, but they didn't. They all winked at me telling me this was our big chance ,and I was not about to ruin it.

I took the microphone and made a hand signal behind my back letting the others know I was ready. Suddenly the air was filled with Gabe's guitar hum and Laura's drums started after him. The song had begun.

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Re: Yet another add-on....

I stood out infront, blindly listening to the roll of the drums and the beat of the guitars, as the crowds echos filled the stadium. I pressed the microphone against my lips, as the hoots and laughter of the crowds died down.

Sweat licked my face, and spilled down my clothes. My vision was clouded and foggy, and I could no longer see the crowd. I had entered my own world, where nothing truley mattered but the song.

"We could do pizza."