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add-on story

  It was the beginning of the first day of her last year in high school. Christina was very excited and sad at the same time. It was a bittersweet feeling. "I guess we all have to go through this at some point or another", she thought to herself. She shook the feeling off when she saw her best friends for the first time in a week. They had all been best friends since the first grade.  They met at recess. Hannah was first to introduce herself, she was always first to do everything. Chelsea was next and Christina was last. So from that day on they did everything together and nothing could seperate them.



Okay you're turn to add on to the story. Have fun!

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Re: add-on story

Except for their schedules. Chelsea and Cristina met in front of Hannah's locker. They were all huddled together checking to see which classes they had with each other. "Man not even one class together" I complained. "I know right it's impossible" Chelsea added. Every year we had at least two classes together and lunch. "Cheer up guys we can see each other during lunch and hang out after school. This is our seinor year we aren't gonna let schedules break us up" Hannah said patting Chelasea's back. Hannah always did lock on the bright side and she's right nothing is gonna ruin this year.

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Re: add-on story

"And besides we are going to hang out after school right? Are we still going to that new smoothie place?" I ask. "Of course!" says Hannah. It made me feel better to have something to look forward too. But the day still dragged on for FOREVER. Finally the final bell rang and I grabbed my backpack out of my locker and headed to the smoothie bar. When I got there Hannah and Chelsea were already there and drinking there smoothie's in a booth in the corner. I hurried up to the bar grabbed a strawberry-kiwi smoothie (my favorite) and went to join them.

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Re: add-on story

"Hey guys, is it just me or was this the longest day in history?" I said, after I had settled into the chair. They all nodded in agreement. "So, what happened to you guys today? I can safely say that my day was utterly uneventful..." That was when Hannah spoke up after her unusual long period of silence, but then I realized that she had used that time to finish her smoothie. "Well, " she said to us, with a hint of mischeif in her eyes. " I happened upon, you won't believe this, an amazingly hot Jared Butcher!" Chelsea and I stared at her, our mouths agape. I couldn't believe it, Jared was the nicest kid you could ever meet, but also the nerdiest. He was one of those pimple-faced, glasses kind of kids, but we have always considered him one of our closest friends. The thing is, we didn't get to see him all summer because he had gone down to Florida to stay with his aunt. "Wow!" Chelsea piped up, "How come you didn't invite him here with us?" Hannah averted her eyes and a small frown appeared on her face. "Well, I tried to talk to him, but then he walked away. Almost like he was avoiding me." She trailed aff, but then she added quickly, "I'm sure it was nothing!"

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Re: add-on story

   Chelsea's mouth was still hanging open in shock.

   "Catchin' flies, sweetie?" I asked. Hannah winked. Chelsea shook her head, and rolled her eyes at us.

   "I can't believe it," she responded, obviously flustered. "Jared..." Sighing, Chelsea took one final sip of her smoothie, and grabbed her book bag from the empty seat next to her. "Well m'dears," she began. "It has been lovely catching up with you." She pulled back her rich, chocolate hair, and tied it into an elegant knot. "And as they say, 'parting is such sweet sorrow.' But I must depart." She shot us both a dashing smile. "I have some plans, that I must attend to. Farewell my darlings!" Chelsea waved at Hannah and I.

   "Hold the hand granades,"  Hannah interupted. Last year, she had decided that "Hold your horses" sounded to 'granny ish'. So this was her way of, modernizing it, for lack of a better word. Frankly, it gets really annoying. "Where's the fire?" She asked.

   "Oh," She gave Hannah a dumb look. "Well, I just made some plans. Thats all." Chelsea batted her eyes.


   "No one in particular." I held back my laugh, and Hannah looked furious.

   This was Chelsea's game. It was basically her own way of saying "Guess who I'm dating now?" Hannah knew this, of course, but that didn't stop her from getting angry with Chelsea.


   Chelsea paused. The game was up.

   "...Jared." Giggling, Chelsea twirled a loose strand of hair around her finger, watching Hannah's eyes bluge.

   "No friggen way." I gasped, inhaling the remander of my smoothie.

   Hannah laughed, and turned beat red. "All this time, w-when I w-was j-just... And y-you didn't even..." Chelsea shook with laughter.   


"We could do pizza."