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books on Tape/CD

Since i was 10 i have been listening to books on tape. I love books and all and i love to read but scinse i have Dslxiea it used to be hard for me to read. But i still listen to them because of the people who read them have such relaxing and clam vocie ,orif they'er actors like tim curry they bring so much life to the charectors. But it's hard to find many books on tape for teens i gusee there isn't a popular demand ,but any who who do you hink are good readers for books on tape? I think Jim dale (he dose the Harry potter seris) is great!Who do you think is good? sorry if this seems stuped i know it's not the same as reading a book but still..... (sigh) well opions?
Thanks for reading this and double thank if you responed! :smileyhappy:
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Re: books on Tape/CD

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I love Jim Dale! I like how he has all the different voices for the characters.
I agree, sometimes listening to the books can be easier.

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Re: books on Tape/CD

I don't like books on tape. I feel they read to slow and sometimes there voices for characters are really weird. Id rather just read it by myself. Although if the book is moving really slow and I find myself not wanting to read at all I might et it on iTunes just so I finish the book.
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Re: books on Tape/CD

Books on tape/CD annoy me because you lose track, while the old way allows you to stop where-ever you want and not let the tape/CD "stops" stop you.
I'm sorry, but I am not a audio-book person.
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Re: books on Tape/CD

I like books on tape. When I was younger, and Harry Potter came out I was too young to really read them, but my brother liked them. and when I was like 6 or something the tapes came out, so I listened to those at night before I went to sleep. And I have been doing that for 9 years or so now. I just got so used to it, I can't fall asleep without Jim Dale reading me Harry Potter. And I think he does an amazing job. He deserves those Grammy's he's gotten for it.
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Re: books on Tape/CD

(way to dig up a dusty old topic...)


I never used to like audiobooks. I think I was rather snobbish about reading it for myself. But, I have found that I really enjoy many of them. It really depends on the reader. A crappy reader can make even your favorite book sound bad, while a really good reader can make the dictionary sound interesting.


I started out only listening to books I had already read for myself... gradually getting over my silly prejudice. I spend so much time alone in my car and just got tired of bad radio stations or having to change CDs for longer drives and wanted something different. I got a few mp3 CD formatted books and found I rarely listen to music in the car at all anymore, at least not when I'm by myself.

The turning point was probably discovering Audiovox/Librivox (the audiobook sister of the Gutenburg Project). I could listen to dusty old tomes that I had tried to read for myself and just couldn't get into after years of "easy reads". While some of these volunteer readers aren't terribly good, some are wonderful and obviously love sharing their favorite old books. 


For a recommendation (not from Audiovox/Librivox), I can say James Marsters (you may now him from his Buffy fame) does an excellent job reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files... but they aren't exactly teen material. (but since I was quite the precocious teen myself, I'd have devoured them before graduation had they been around, so no remorse in offering them up here)

The downside, is apparently book 12 in the series is the last he reads. I haven't listened to 13 yet (though I just finished reading it) and 14 isn't out for another week.


It can be quite jarring to switch readers in a series, even if both (or more) are very good. The best example I have of that is Cornelia Funke's Ink books. Lynn Redgrave did a fine job reading Inkheart and Brendon Fraser was just as fun to listen to on Inkspell, but they have VERY different reading styles.


The best audio dramatizations I have would be everything by Alien Voices. I haven't checked, but I don't believe they are exact readings, but rather old time radio play style performances... with multiple actors and sound effects and such. Alien Voices are at its base John DeLancey and Leonard Nimoy (Q and Spock from Star Trek), and the company was founded to record classic science fiction. If you're a fan of the actors or the books, it is WELL worth getting them.


Anyone else have recommendations to tack on to this resurrected topic?