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so its spring, and the weather is getting nice.. i was wondering if any of you could give me some tips on what to do to get active and lose some pounds...thanks:smileyhappy:

 i am a horrendous runner, so any tips to increase my stamina, speed, anything...

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Re: exercise

You will lose more weight (three times as much) if you run intervalls instead of running at the same pace the whole time.


Check out this link for more ideas.


Personally,  I am part of a spinning class and believe it is the best cardio I have ever done!

- JJ

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Re: exercise

Ooooo... working out!!! Nice! Ummm... I do some kick boxing. It is really fun! I took a class, but you can rent/buy videos. They are also great to do with a group (need A LOT of space LOL) There are also gymnastics classes (I took these for cheerleading =]). Join a sport summer camp! My cousins do this, and they say you make a lot of friends. You also learn skills so that you could work out on your own. It doesn't have to be an away camp, it could be a day one. Yoga is a great way to relax, not so much lose a few pounds :/ But there is Pilates! You lose weight and gain muscle tone!!! =D


Hope this helps! =]

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Re: exercise

o= Exercising lol A subject I try to ignore haha Well for me I love to swim and run. It just feels like I'm on clouds or something haha And you do get a lot more exercise if you swim even if you don't notice it for how much fun it is xD haha I would join a nice little sport hat happens during the summer if you wanted to do something big, but if you want to just be yourself then just run around your area with maybe your iPod or something and keep a nice pace. And when it becomes really hot go to a pool or something and do a few laps around the pool. That will really be awesome lol I could ask my sister to give you a little more advice cause she's more of a sportish type of person then I am haha (she plays three soccer teams, one basketball team, and a swimming team like me =P Oh and she wants to do cheerleading next year. She is nuts I know!) So... yeah I think that's all I can think right now =P Hope that helps! Good luck!

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Re: exercise

You should play tennis! I love it. It helps your speed, agility, and stamina. Plus, it's really fun and it doesn't even feel like exercise!

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Re: exercise

If you have an ipod, put some upbeat music that you like a lot on it and try running. It helps to keep your mind busy so it seems easier and more exciting to do something as simple as running. If you need help thinking of good songs I can tell you some that I have on my workout playlist :smileyhappy:

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Re: exercise

I HATE running.

Swimming is the best thing to do. I rather jump in the pool and do laps than run on the tradmill! I hate getting sweaty and ugh I just hate it. Once you get in the pool and start swimming the next day you will feel the soreness in your muscles believe me! Swimming works out a lot of your muscles. swimming is so much more enjoyable.

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Re: exercise

Not sure, but if to listen to music, I highly suggest you bring some! I love rock, LOUD rock music :smileyhappy: Find what you like, I love to run, but my knees are so bad from so many years of sports, I can no longer go long distances. I love elipticals (sp?) and spin bikes. I still get my heavy duty workout, plus my knees don't throb! And I go side tracked easily, so I listen to music, watch tv, and text. it's bad, but it keeps me going :smileyhappy:

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