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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

ok im the last person on earth who should be giving you advice julia,  in that type of situation.

the reason being that i am in practically the same situation my self :smileysad:


ughh.. i am just really tired of staring at my best friend waiting for him to sweep me off my feet, while he is chasing other girls... i think u might be able to relate with me on that julia..


so here is my story (blue knows this already .. :smileyhappy: lol..)


i love my best friend.

ive known him since we were both little kids.

and as the years went on.. and we are slowly growing and changing.. i love him.

its kinda stupid seeing as we are both 2 totally different people, but i guess that really doesnt matter much.

ive liked him for such a long time, and havent said anything, mainly cus i dont want to distroy this best friend thing we have right now, if it turns out he really doesnt care the same way for me. and just sees me as his "sister" almost.. :smileysad:

but now it is kinda too much to hold anymore. because i have watched him go from girl to girl, and everytime he isnt happy, even tho he acts like he is. like, i know girls who just go out with guys, just to be like "oh yea he is my boyfriend." and it doesnt have anything to do with loving the guy. and at the moment, i feel like that is the type of situation my friend is in with the current girl. the way he talks about her to me, its just like "umm and u say u LOVE this girl?? are u out of ur mind??" .. 


over the past summer, my mom asked my friends mom if my sister and i could stay the night. seeing as they didnt want to leave me and my sister alone for 2 days. our parents are really close so she said yes.

the night of the sleep over, i was to sleep on the couch, while my sis slept on the pull out bed. that night, my friend was up late on the computer, playing a game or something. and i was reading on my "make shift bed." my sister was sound asleep, and it was around 11:50 pm.

then, my friend stood up, and turned off the computer. he looked at me, and jumped onto the bed. it was like when we were 6 years old again.

we talked.

about, pretty mcuh everything.




and in his case.. his current girlfriend.

i hadnt relised that he actual HAD a current gf at the moment, so i was.. just really being myself around him. and almost told him how i was feeling. but didnt.

then he mentioned his girlfriend.

how she calls him every night at 3am. because she wants to talk. i was trying to stop myslef from screamin "ohmygod. tell her to STOP if it annoys u!!" but instead i was like "well why dont u turn off ur phone at night? u need to sleep!!" and he smiled at me and was like "i tried that once, but she got really pissed."


and u still "love" her.





he came ova my house this past saturday, and he was different then he was in the past. he kept sitting next to me, like really close and stuff. and he "stole" my cell and was lookin at my txts [which is somethin we have always done as like jokes and ect.] but this time, everytime a guys name came up he would be like "whose that??" and he would sorta get me alone and stuff, where we could just talk and stuff... but it was the best time ever, and i was happy. and so was he. :smileyhappy:.. 







wow i didnt realise how longggggg this post was.. ..woops... lol..



yea so julia u are not alone. and i know that this ancedote of mine didnt really help ur problem, but i think that the best thing to do is to tell ur friend.

telling my feelings to a guy isnt really like me. im not much of a mushy romantic.. [LIE!] ok.. so im a romantic, but i dont like spilling my emotions to guys... so i need a different way to tell him.


soo...yea i think that is enough from me. :smileyhappy: good luck juliaaa..   


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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

WTF i mean come on I just posted somthing just like this to days ago all i have to say is ladies go to my message.

~Love is a poison~
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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

it did help me a little. and yes i can definitely relate to your problems ! ugh i've told him how i feel but then like after 3 days of him not talking to me because it was wierd i told him that i was completely over it and that i thought it was wierd to. Even though its totally NOT true. I just couldnt risk losing him as my friend to ! ='[ and now i'm stuck sitting by watching him chase after MY best friend.

" Its a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now i said i wouldnt come but i lost all control and i need you now and i dont know how i can do without i just need you now"
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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

That is probably better than not even having any guy friends. Except for a family friend.


i never had a boyfriend so i guess that is a problem?

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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls


Bet your probably sick and tired of hearing what I'm fixing to say, but all in time. God has a plan for you...just think about the heartache you've been saved from. I've had a couple boyfriends and sure their are moments of bliss and wonderfulness but there are also deep wounds that had to heal as well. As for my guy friends I say you should pick some up they're the best..Love my guys friends.. :smileywink: I'm sure in God will bring you the right boyfriend. In the mean time enjoy your girlies really they're the ones that will be with you through thick and thin.


Alright here's my problem.

Any of you girls get into a situation with a guy when you really fall for him but you know it wouldn't ever work out :smileysad: How do you help yourself not feel those kind of feelings for a guy???


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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

Its funny how guys work i mean when tell him you love him sometimes he gets all distant other times he get to possesive over you.

Then theres the part when you tell him you love him he asks you to prove it and if you dont you dont love him.

I mean come on.

If a guy tells a girl he loves her its weird i mean most girls cant just lie to a guy so they dont say it back but then he might keep asking do you love me and if you say no then what happens either he changes the way he acts toward you and get all distant flirting with girls or trying to avoid you because of the embarassment i mean its like a lose lose.

You dont love him but you like him so if you lie he'll eventually find out.

If you love him and he doesnt love you then you'll eventually find out so its best to come clean and just tell him all the reasons you do like him so maybe you can stay together.


Theres love at first sight, touch,kiss, and even love that can grow or love that can change but in the end if you really love them no matter how hard you try you wont be ables to stop loving them (if you really love them if not then this doesnt apply to you)

~Love is a poison~
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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

Wow...I thought I was alone when it came to guy problems. But I guess not xD


Well, do you have an amazingly beautiful best friend? Maybe a friend who is a model? Yeah. I do.


For the past couple years I have been through a lot of heartbreak because of her. I'm not saying it's her fault; she can't help being so gorgeous.


In middle school, there was this cute guy who lead me on and flirted with me and all of that jazz. But when he started to hang with "me", he was always talking and hanging with my model friend. Turns out that he lead me on to get to was horrible.


Also in middle school, I had a HUGE crush on this guy and I ALWAYS told her about it (cuz she's my best friend ;P). I still had a crush on him as we went to high school, and I still would always tell her about it. Then one day, this popular girl was handing out invites to her 15th birthday (she is super popular and SUPER rich!) to everyone... but of course, all of my friends but me were invited. The weekend after the party, a group of my friends and I had a sleepover. They all started talking about the party and I couldn't feel anymore out of place. But then, Model-friend started talking about how my crush asked her to dance and how he would whisper compliments in her ear and how he almost KISSED her! She described everything in such vivid detail; I wanted to cry. I felt so invisible...

Obviously, my heart was crushed...but I moved on.


So now, I have a SUPER crush on this guy (and a lot of girls like him too xD) but I'm afraid to. I'm afraid he'll be knocked off his feet by Model-friend and he'll chase her down. I don't think I can bear going through another heart break like that.

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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

Okay, so I'm still super confused!


That guy, the one I was talking about, is just being so weird. Like, today he completely ignored me, but yesterday he kept on talking about who various guys were taking to homecoming and asking me if I was jealous of each and everyone "truthfully and honestly." And on Wednesday he made a heart out of a paperclip and gave it to me, and then five minutes later he was like "here, you can go give this to A." ("A" being one of our mutual friends who he is CONSTANTLY teasing me about despite the fact that I do not like A. At. All.) And also, he keeps talking about how rich he is! But then he'll totally ignore me. And he tells (really bad) jokes to me all the time. I did find out though that we have a LOT of things in common. We're both swimmers, we both hate Obama and liked Bush, we both like the White Sox (lol,) we both visit our families over the summer in foreign countries, etc. But like outside of class he won't even look at me. I'm so frickin' confused! Is he just flirting, or is it something else??

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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

hey Blue havent talked to you in forever. LOL! how r ya?


oh and i have guy problems.

well pretty much i like this guy who liked my best friend but she didnt like him. idk if he still likes her. but anyway yeah she found out that i liked him and then amazinly she started likeing him after i was like"yeah ok i like him" and she is always telling me what he says to her and how he follows her around and just dangles it in front of my face that he likes her. but he like freakin flirts with me. and idk if he still likes her like that cause it kinda seems like he likes me but idk. so im in just one big mess. becuase im kinda fed up with my friend.  and she like lies to him and i rly want to tell him what she is doing but i cant. i hate how shes using him and just dragging him along cause she likes the attention. so my life sucks. LMAO! im gonna try to talk to her. but idk what to do about him????? i rly dont want him to end up getting hurt. but it ike i cant do anything cause then thatll make me look bad. so im stuck. any advice?

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Re: having guy problems (sigh) havnt we all, lets share girls

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