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"Daughter of New York" - novel (free download in multiple formats)

"Daughter of New York"


'Let me introduce to you...a character' Although categorized in the suspense/thriller genre, in this book you will find inspiration, action, drama, romance, poetry, creativity, heart and faith. The main character is multi-faceted and delivers on many levels all the while not losing herself in the process. Told with a very visual take on the story, and written in present tense, you will feel you are right there alongside this new emerging character. Synopsis: In this fast-paced thriller, NYC becomes the chessboard for an elaborate cat-and-mouse game. Arthur Torpeddo, mogul by day, stealthy crime boss at night, wields his strategies to capture the elusive Lauren, 'Sewer Rat'. But while he launches the largest sweep imaginable, Lauren awakens to her true purpose forcing this villain to contend with one that could dangerously oppose him. Visit to download this invigorating novel for free. Read the book - see the story.