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some books i enjoyed.. what did you think??

i recommend .....

the tryll trilogy they were really cheap (2.99) but thet are really good. (nook book)


the my blood approves series and there (.99) (nook book)

( book 1) my blood approves

(book 2) fate

(book 3) ascend

(book 4) wisdem

(book 5) coming soooonnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the house of night series

books 1-8


i read this ebook called immortal i thought it was really good and im waiting for part 2. it was only like 1.00


vampire academyy series


santa anna witches were good but wish it was 1 straight book instead of short storys...

and hands down the mortal insturment series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!