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Re: vampire academy series

That's how I kinda felt. I hated the way Demitri was acting, although understandable. Adrian was just willing to do whatever for Rose even if it was to help her with Demitri! He totally loves her, but then again so does Demitri though he's trying to hide it.

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Re: vampire academy series

i love this series i read them all in 2-3 weeks. and i think i read blood promise in a day that was my favorite book. Spirt bound is still really good. i loved it. Demitri was being a butt i understand but rose did everyting for him the least he good do is give her the time of day. because of this i lean more to rose ending up with adrian. i really like his character and he just gets better with each book and he is sooo in ove with her. i would hate for them to end the series with adrian all alone but then again the whole series has revolved around rose/demitri so i cant choose. im going to cry when this series ends at least we are getting a spinoff. its still no Rose. :smileysad:

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Re: vampire academy series

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I'm glad that Dimitrie was saved, that made the book really good for me, i like him a lot, I want her to be with dimitrie way more than with adrian, theres just more to Dimitri than with adrian if you understand what i mean. He fits her personality better. And I really hate how the book ends.

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Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound ^_^

I have been waiting ever since I read blood promise last October for spirit bound to come out, and it did not disappoint! I had a hard time choosing between dimitri and adrian.....i love them both! i cannot wait for the next book to come out! also, im glad the series wont end there. Richelle Mead still has 6 more books to come in the Vampire Academy series! They will all be from different characters point of views. ^_^ im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!:smileyvery-happy:

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Re: vampire academy series

i love this series!!!! its my favorite books ever...even better than twilight. i would recommend these to everybody, the characters are awesome and i read spirit bound in about 2 days even though i wanted to drag it out because i knew i would have to wait awhile till the next one comes out but i couldnt stop reading.spirit bound has to be my favorite one of the series, i think, their all good. but its so sad that theres only going to be one more (last sacrifice) and thats it. and the spin off is going to be other characters we have already seen before probably the kids who are still at the academy and it tells their story, no more rose or dimitri,lissa or adrian. *sniffles*...but yea im totally team dimitri! i want rose to end up with dimitri in the end and yea i like adrian too but rose may care for adrian a lot but her heart is with dimitri and dimitri does love her even though he acts like he doesnt want to see her in spirit bound, hes just ashamed of what hes done. and you never know if rose does get with dimitri in the end maybe Adrian could end up with the once hated non-royal moroi girl mia who lives at the royal court, the one who is now friends with lissa and Rose... you never know!

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Re: vampire academy series

I am looking forward to the last installment! I have some thoughts about what will happen in The Last Sacrifice, so here goes!! :smileyhappy:


A lot of damage has been done to Dimitri's reputation in the last book or so, and many people have started wavering on their feelings for him; especially in light of the blossoming relationship between Rose and Adrian. However, I believe that Rose and Dimitri are truly meant to be, and in order for Ms. Mead to tidily put that relationship back together without hurting Adrian would be to make Adrian the bad guy. In looking back through the books, there are several things that always kind of nagged at me about Adrian. 

First, why did he take such an interest in Rose in the first place? His supposed love seemed to come from nowhere, without any real substance or relationship to build those intense feelings. There were always rumors at court about the seriousness of their relationship...even early on when those allegations would have been totally unfounded. I feel like he is most likely the source of those rumors. 


Second, with his shady reputation, why would Tatiana have chosen him to be her favorite? He's a spirit user, that's why. He's a charmer, and I think that he probably used his compulsion skills to get in her good graces. I'm sure over time he has been able to manipulate her in ways that will probably become clearer in the last book.


Third, on the same lines of the compulsion issue, Tatiana's letter to Rose said that there was someone wielding their compulsion skills on the royal court to sway their vote on the age issue. As a spirit user he would be able to do that. 


Fourth, Adrian conveniently showed up at Rose’s room at an odd hour during the same timeframe that Tatiana was murdered. He could have committed the murder, and then immediately shown up at her room afterwards. He also would have had access to Rose’s stake, and would be very familiar with her schedule and whereabouts.


Fifth, it just seems awfully self-sacrificing that he would be willing to sit idly by while his girlfriend pined away for her ex. I don’t think he would be so willing to help her out if he didn’t have an ulterior motive.


Sixth, while in Vegas (and isn’t it convenient that he can track her movements by looking at credit card statements?!), he was pretty tuned into what the Moroi guy at the bar was saying about Lissa’s dad. I think that he may be responsible for stealing those files about Lissa. Perhaps he is not thrilled with Lissa’s rise to fame, and is looking at ways to destroy her path to greatness. He could have compelled lots of top secret information from Tatiana, and then used it to further his agenda.


Seventh, while at the academy he had a lot of free time that was unaccounted for. It was written off that he was sleeping in or drinking himself into a stupor, but I’m not sure I buy that. I think that he may be up to something else.


Eighth, I think that he is purposely inflaming those at court by flaunting his relationship with Rose, and is intentionally doing things to put her reputation in jeopardy. Bringing her to elite royal events uninvited or putting her in situations that he knows will bring out her temper is a great way to tarnish her image. Also, if people catch wind (and I’m sure they will in the last book) that she allowed him to drink from her, she will be labeled a blood whore.


Ninth, he always seems to be around no matter what the circumstance. I think that there may be more to his powers than he lets on. I think that he may be able to do more than just dream walk.


Tenth, he’s very sneaky. He’s proven that through many of his actions. That shouldn’t be overlooked. Additionally, Rose’s father, Abe, must have gotten a feeling off of him since he threatened him. I think the worry that Rose picked up on at the trial from Adrian had to do with the fact that Abe was her lawyer instead of Damon- Adrian’s choice of lawyer for her.


Anyway, I don’t know how this will ultimately play out in the book, but I think his ultimate motive will become clear, and Dimitri and Rose will end up together in the end.


Other random thoughts…


Jill is probably the illegitimate child of Lissa’s father. Jill’s father is never mentioned in the other books, and that would just be poetic since Lissa harbored jealous feelings of her over Christian. She is also a strong character, so that would be a perfect fit. Plus, there are some similarities between her and Lissa. I don’t think that introducing a brand new character as the child would be quite as powerful, either. It would also explain why everyone is naturally drawn to her…if she’s Lissa’s sister, then they would have some of the same essence.


I think that Tasha Ozera may have also been involved in the murder of the queen. I don’t think that she is a fan of Rose because she kept Dimitri from her.


If Adrian was not responsible for stealing the files, then I think Tatiana sent Ambrose to do it. I think we’ll find out a lot more about the intimate relationship he had with the queen. I think that it is likely that he knows a lot more than people think because a relationship between them would be beneath the royal court’s opinion, and may have flown under the radar to a large extent. I think that Adrian may have ultimately been responsible for the ugly treatment that Rose received from her.


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Re: vampire academy series

I just have to say that I love this series, I've probably read each book like 10 times each, or more.

I love Rose and sympathize with her about all the things she has been through. To never have know her parents very well and really not even knowing who her father was until recently has to be difficult. But she's a survivor and she's gone through her life guns blazing.

Now she dealing with Adrian or could one choose. Sure Dimitri was her first love, Adrian has been there for her all the way.

To have a best friend like Lissa has to be a gift from God. Not only did she heal her many times, she brought her back from the a word......Awesome!

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