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Re: Introduce Yourselves!

Welcome, Andrianne. Unfortunately, this particular group ended about two months ago; although it's still open for posting, there won't be much activity here.

However, there are lots of other great discussions going on. And if Austen is your cup of tea, as she is mine, I expect that we'll be reading more Austens in the Literature by Women group next year.

Look around and find the groups that most interest you!

astiff wrote:
Hi all!! I'm Andrianne and I'm new to the book club. I am however, a lover of P&P!!! Look forward to more discussions

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Re: Introduce Yourselves!

Hi, I'm Kate I am a big Jane Austen fan (though i've never been able to get through Emma), and my absolute favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. I could talk about it all day!
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