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Spoiler Warning- question about the ending

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can someone tell me the ending, I read it but couldn't figure out if she died(she was sick at the end)She didn't answer her cousin's last letter. Thanks

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Spoiler Warning - the end


We know Rebecca is ill, Freyda may or may not be able to locate her... I believe the ending is left up in the air intentionally - is it enough that they have come to know each other through their letters? They are, after all virtual strangers that, if not for the war, probably would not be who they are, where they are, but rather, "real" cousins who grew up knowing each other.

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Re: Spoiler Warning - the end

I thought the correspondence stopped because Rebecca had died.
As for the bigger purpose of the epilogue, I think it was meant to show that Rebecca always longed for her family, especially once she was not actively involved in her son's life.  I can't imagine not having any family connection.

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