October's Spotlight is New York Times bestselling author and forensic scientist Jefferson Bass and his acclaimed Body Farm series, a riveting mystery-science hybrid about a veteran anthropologist - based on Bass himself -  who doubles as a sleuth.


In the first book, Carved in Bone, we met Dr. Bill Brockton, renowned in the forensics field for his work solving cold cases and studying the science of death. When he's summoned to a remote Tennessee mountain range to examine the mummified corpse of a woman, deceased for over 30 years, he imagines that the case will be business as usual. But Brockton's investigation touches a nerve in the residents of the remote mountain community, and he finds himself opening old wounds of his own that he had previously thought buried for good.


Pick up the first volume in this engrossing thriller series for just $0.99, and discover what all the buzz is about.

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