Our newest $1.99 Spotlight offer is the first of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Series: Night Pleasures.


Kyrian of Thrace is a Dark-Hunter: an ancient warrior sworn to protect humankind against vampires and other evil creatures of the night. His task has its challenges, of course, but nothing he can't handle...until he wakes up one day handcuffed to a young and beautiful accountant.


Amanda Devereaux is an ordinary girl with an ordinary job, except she's being hunted by one of the deadliest vampires known to the Dark-Hunters. Can Kyrian and Amanda save each other - and the entirety of the human race - from this relentless dark force, as well as control the undeniable passion blossoming between them? Night Pleasures is a sexy thrill ride from one of America's most prolific and talented paranormal romance authors.