In this bestselling series, Special Agent Pendergast has uncovered conspiracies from New York to Tibet, but in Fever Dream the conspiracy literally hits home. Pendergast learns that his wife’s death while hunting in Africa wasn’t an accident—someone had loaded her rifle with blanks, and left her powerless against the lion that killed her.


Now the obsessive agent turns his formidable skills to solving his wife’s shocking murder. As he searches for clues from Africa to his own hometown of New Orleans, Pendergast inches closer to a truth that he may not want to uncover.


If you haven’t met the eccentric and always-fascinating Agent Pendergast, you’ll want to take advantage of this limited time offer on one of his best adventures yet—a book Library Journal says is ‘not to be missed.’


Tell Me: Are you a fan of globe-trotting thrillers, or do you prefer domestic adventures?


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by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎01-30-2013 09:57 AM

Though I can relate more to domestic adventures, I still like thrillers that take place abroad.  I particularly enjoy when a series centers around a certain area.  For example, when I read the Harry Bosch series, I know I am going to become more familiar with LA.  Regardless of the location, it is always a bonus to learn about an area I have never traveled to before.