tournament.of.books.rooster.jpgWhile most people equate March Madness with college basketball, serious readers turn their late-winter attention to the Tournament of Books for thrills. This year, NOOK is proud to be the official presenter of The Morning News’ battle royale of books.


Sixteen of the best books from 2012 will enter the bracket, but only one will emerge victorious—winning the coveted Rooster award. I’m happy to see some of my favorite recent books on the list, like Gone Girl and The Fault in Our Stars—two titles that NOOK readers are passionate about as well. The list is eclectic, well-considered, and provocative. Throughout the tournament, judges like bestselling author Lev Grossman and Beatrice blogger Ron Hogan will weigh in on their picks, with one book from their bracket advancing to the next round.


And that’s when the real fun begins. The best part of the Tournament of Books is the conversation it creates. The judges are passionate about books and their decisions, and The Morning News readers are equally enthusiastic. This year, I’m hoping you’ll join in the conversation.


Visit The Tournament of Books to see the latest results, discover some amazing books you may have missed, and share your thoughts.


Tell Me: What was your favorite book of 2012?

by Moderator dhaupt ‎03-07-2013 09:11 AM - edited ‎03-07-2013 09:11 AM

Wow, congrats to Nook Almighty


Great news!!!

by lilones5 on ‎03-07-2013 12:30 PM

I am glad The Fault in our Stars won the first round! I was disappointed though when I saw the link on Facebook and hurriedly went to the tournament! I was hoping it was a readers vote kind of thing, so we could weigh in on the challengers!