To celebrate this latest blockbuster release, we asked Jennifer to offer NOOK Blog readers 3 Things They Don't Know About Me (including a hilarious new vocabulary term that I can really relate to):


1. Nothing fills me with more impotent rage than biting into what I believe is a chocolate-chip cookie or scone, only to discover that it's been filled with RAISINS. I actually got Lizzie Skurnick, who writes the "That Should Be A Word" column for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, to come up with a word for that terrible, horrible feeling. It's "bitrayal."


2. I love reading to my daughters, and my favorite book to read to my four-year-old right now is I want my Hat Back by John Klassen. I do an excellent sad-bear voice. "YOU. YOU TOOK MY HAT."


3. I am currently re-reading the Game of Thrones books. I read the whole series last summer, just for pleasure, and now I'm re-reading with an eye toward structure and skill, and how on earth Martin keeps all those plots moving (not to mention all those names and titles straight!) I love speculative/sci-fi/whatever-we're-calling-it-now. Stephen King's Dark Towers books are also some of my favorites, and I cannot wait until my older daughter finally picks up A Wrinkle in Time, because it's going to ROCK HER WORLD.


A free sample excerpt from this book is available for download on the product page now.


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by lilones5 on ‎07-17-2012 03:07 PM

My daughter is 18 now and my son 15, and though both are avid readers I never could get either of them to read and finish A Wrinkle in Time! I just don't understand how they could NOT like it!

by lkmiller on ‎07-17-2012 10:21 PM

Long i or short i in "bitrayal"?