With the addition of DC Entertainment content Barnes & Noble is also introducing Zoom View, an all-new NOOK Comics feature designed for NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color. Zoom View allows readers to focus in on individual panels in graphic novels and comics, allowing you to fully enjoy the stunning artwork and compelling storytelling that brings this genre to life. Zoom View will be immediately available on all DC Entertainment titles.


NOTE: Zoom View requires an update to the current NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color software. The free software update, version 1.4.3, is available for download today at www.nook.com/tablet/update or www.nookcolor.com/update. A free over-the-air (OTA) update requiring no action from customers will begin rolling out to customers via Wi-Fi starting June 27.

by athena606 on ‎06-26-2012 11:37 AM

So excited!! will this be an app?  or just like search for the comics kinda thing? and will DC's Smallville S11 be available now on nook too!! I hope so!!

by Wednesdae on ‎06-26-2012 11:56 AM


by JeremyCesarec on ‎06-26-2012 12:52 PM
by Llawryf on ‎06-26-2012 02:11 PM

Will Zoom View be available on other items? I recently purchased The Barn by Ralph Hagen, which is a compilation of his comic strip. I've been wishing I could zoom in on the panels as they are a little small to read!



by P_Warten on ‎06-29-2012 02:39 PM