App Buzz: Bingo World

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The Bingo World app from Playsino, Inc. brings that excitement to NOOK. While I’ve always been reluctant to play more than one card at a time—envious of the Bingo pros who are able to do so with ease—the multi-card feature in Bingo World helped me master this important skill.


The best part about Bingo World is that I can play alone against computer opponents, or square off with my friends who have the app on NOOK or other devices. I still get that jolt of excitement as I close in on my BINGO—holding my breath until my final letter is called! So whether you’re a Bingo hall regular, or just a casual competitor, Bingo World is a winner. 

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by asiancakeashley on ‎07-26-2013 02:11 PM

I love bingo.  :smileyhappy: