App Buzz: Cartoon Network

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One of the beautiful things about the tablet world we live in is the instant access to so many different kinds of entertainment. With the new Cartoon Network NOOK App, my kids and I can watch our favorite shows right on my NOOK.


I’m a big kid at heart, so I love the Cartoon Network and its hit shows like Adventure Time, Ben 10, and the updated classic, The Looney Tunes Show. And while my family and I often enjoy these shows together, we’re a one-TV household, so there are times we aren’t all in the mood for the same thing.


Thanks to this new app, we can watch full episodes of our favorite Cartoon Network shows, and even stream them live as they’re broadcast. Of course, to take advantage of the full range of offerings, you need to be a cable subscriber and follow the authentication process. But once you’re up and running, it’s super cool to have the Cartoon Network right on your NOOK!


The future is now! Take advantage with the Cartoon Network app for NOOK.


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