We’ve reached the half-way point of the Major League Baseball season, which means your hometown team has the day off for the All-Star break. Might I suggest that this is the perfect chance to download one of my favorite new NOOK AppsCharlie Brown's All-Stars!  by Loud Crow Interactive?


In this wonderful animated story, based on the iconic Peanuts’ TV special, the perennial underdog Charlie Brown has a 9th inning chance to carry his team to glory. Older peanuts fans will love seeing this digital update of the classic tale, and will appreciate the narration by Stephen Shea, the voice of Linus. But new fans will love this timeless tale as well, and have fun playing along with the interactive features—letting them swing the bat, take to the pitcher’s mound, and even design the team’s uniforms.


As someone who grew up with the Peanuts gang, I had a lot of fun reliving this classic baseball adventure, and sharing it with the new generation of fans in my house, too.



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