An intrepid hero follows his stomach in a new time travel adventure.


Until recently, I wasn’t aware of the exciting world of Cut the Rope games and their irresistible hungry hero, Om Nom. But now that I’ve started playing Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD, I just can’t stop.


In this new adventure, Om Nom travels back in time to feed his equally hungry ancestors. You’ll go on a candy-fueled culinary journey to historical hot spots like Ancient Greece and a high seas pirate ship. Along the way, you’ll use your aptitude for physics-based gameplay to carefully ‘cut the rope’ and drop candy into Om Nom’s hungry ancestors’ waiting jaws. All this candy-crunching action had me hungry for some sweet treats of my own, but I’d hate to get any candy crumbs on my NOOK screen!


Whether you’re a longtime Cut the Rope fan, or a newbie like me, this era-spanning adventure is a fantastically fun trip.

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