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75 Million Doodle God fans can’t be wrong!



I love a challenging puzzle app that rewards smart game play and perseverance, and Doodle God does just that. The concept is straightforward—you are a ‘god’ who’s tasked with creating a new universe using fire, earth, wind, and air. You begin slowly, offering the right conditions for life to begin to form, then work your way up to a world teeming with humans and other advanced life forms. But just like our own delicate balance on Earth, it’s not easy to create a thriving universe from scratch. You’ll need lots of strategy to get the results you desire. Luckily you’ll be rewarded along the way with advice from some of history’s great philosophers and comedians, a feature I found really helpful.


Unleash your inner god in the biggest Doodle God game ever!

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by RebaT on ‎06-09-2013 01:40 PM

I have an original edition Nook.  What apps are available for it?