An exclusive chance to share fun new learning apps with your kids on NOOK.


Now through April 11, NOOK is the only Android device where you can download Tribal Nova Partners’ award-winning “i Learn With” App series. Four new early childhood learning apps—targeted at ages 3 through 6—offer a curriculum-oriented, game-based school readiness program for children in preschool through kindergarten. Since the apps are based on National Education Standards and developed with the help of teachers and experts in early childhood development, I’m confident that my kids are getting a valuable and effective learning experience while still having fun. With the helpful progress tracker for parents, I can even check in on their improvement without having to look over their shoulder while they’re playing.


It’s no surprise that Ocean Adventures!  is currently the favorite in my house. My kids love anything aquatic, so they really enjoy identifying all of the undersea creatures while building their vocabulary and putting sentences together along the way. I especially like that the level of difficulty is self-adjusting so that it’s challenging for a range of ages and learning levels. Plus, like with all of the ‘i Learn With’ apps, my kids are motivated to keep improving thanks to the rewards they earn along the way.


Download these ‘i Learn With’ apps to start your kids on an educational adventure that they’ll love!


Educational games for preschoolers and kindergarteners focusing on building grammar and vocabulary skills.






Practice numbers, counting & addition with these fun math educational games.







Ice Land Adventures!

A diverse selection of literacy games that encourage alphabet, spelling & phonics skills.






Planet Boing!

A FREE creativity game with activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners—a great introduction to the series.

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by Zealand on ‎03-29-2013 03:00 PM

I just returned my Nook HD+ to Target........The Nook does not sync with Gmail.  I spent a total of 5 hours on the phone with Nook support.   Then waited 5 days for Nook support to solve the problem ( my contact list would not sync with the Nook).   It took some pointed questioning but Barnes and Noble is aware of the problem.  There are many comments on the internet about the problem. Either Barnes and Noble cannot fix it or they have no interest in fixing it. 

I really liked the Nook HD+. But without the use of email it is useless as a tablet.   I already own a Nook Color reader.  Really weird that my reader syncs with Gmail just fine .