Your Kids Will Go Bananas for These Apps!


Being a mother of a preschooler and a toddler, I’m always looking for fun ways to keep the kids entertained.  I came across three apps from THUP that were interactive for the kids and teach them everything from colors, letters & matching to reading & writing and also simple addition and counting. My kids think these learning apps are “games,” and keep asking me to play the “Monkey Games” on my NOOK all the time (but I secretly know they are actually learning from them :smileyhappy:).



This app is perfect for my preschooler as it is very interactive and asks her to do a variety of tasks that keep her entertained. The best part is when she completes the task and makes the monkey happy. The way the monkey flips and squeals “eee, ee, eee!” lets her know she’s doing a good job and motivates her to keep going. My 12-month old loves this app also as she comes crawling across the room every time it’s turned on. She loves listening to the sounds, and touching the colors and always laughs at the monkey doing backflips!



Although this app is a little bit advanced for my preschooler she still enjoys helping Monkey and his jungle friends explore a fun-filled world of letters, phonics and spelling. It really reinforces the early reading lessons she’s been doing in school.







All three of the games are perfect for extending every eager preschooler’s experience. Check them out now!

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