Relax. Sleep Better. Feel Better.


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get a good night’s sleep so that I have better days at work and happier times with my family. On his show last week, Dr. Oz shared the benefits of getting a better night’s sleep, and offered some helpful strategies. If you think you are missing out on your best night’s sleep, try one of his suggestions: the White Noise app, available on your NOOK. I tried it and it’s been working great.


As I am attempting to fall asleep, I always hear those little noises like the tick-tock of the wall clock or the faucet dripping, which make it impossible for me to fall asleep. I tried this app and it actually is able to block out other noises by creating a ‘white noise’ barrier that covers all frequencies. I love all of the useful features such as the sound shutoff timer, multiple alarms, and high quality looping sounds like ocean waves, rain storms, a running stream, and more. My favorite is the rain storms sound, which helps me stay snuggled up in my nice (dry) bed. And since it’s easy to take your NOOK on the road, this app can go wherever your travels take you.


Start sleeping better tonight—download the White Noise app now.