September is just around the corner, and for kids of all ages that means just one thing: school! It’s time to buy pencils, erasers, notebooks, and the perfect back-to-school outfit. Weekday afternoons will be filled with sports practice, music class, and, of course, homework. But schoolwork doesn’t have to be a drag, especially with the right materials – our top-rated NOOK education apps will help keep studying simple, productive, and fun! The three apps below represent the best in after-school homework help.


For high school and college kids who need a bevy of information right at their fingertips, Wolfram Alpha is a top-rated app that turns your NOOK into a supercomputer! From functional calculus to quantum physics, this computational app uses algorithms and a vast collection of data to bring students accurate answers quickly and efficiently.

Middle schoolers are invited to travel the globe on an engaging geometry quest in this app.  Solve problems of area, perimeter, volume, circumference and more, and move on to the next destination – but be careful to hold on to your passport, or else you must return to your previous location! Geometry Quest offers over 190 geometry-based problems for maximum learning and fun.








The best in education apps for kids of all ages can be found here.

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