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zuminja_300x300.pngOur intrepid App Buzz reporter, Tavares, is enjoying some well-deserved time off this week, so I'm filling in today on the App Buzz beat.


I'm sure the rest of you have been working hard too, and Labor Day is a chance to kick back and relax. In fact, it's the perfect time to break out your NOOK Color and enjoy the brand-new game Zuminja by Ximad. The concept is simple, but even the most seasoned gamers will find this 20-level game a suitable challenge. 


Basically, a bunch of wiley nijas are out to conquer the land of the pandas--a place where the loveable creatures have lived in peace and harmony for many years. It's your job to stop a line of ninja envaders from entering the pandas' lair. While it's kind of hard to explain until you've tried it, the player must shoot multi-colored ninjas out of a cannon to create a line of 3 ninjas of the same color. Then those ninjas disappear--sort of like in Bejeweled. It sounds easy enough, but as the ninjas speed up and get closer to the pandas' lair, your fingers will start sweating under the pressure!


So if you like race-the-clock logic games like Bejeweled and Tetris, you'll want to add Zuminja to your NOOK Color right away.



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by ellen_stepnaya on ‎09-05-2011 03:09 PM

Good app!

Like ninjas. 

by Victoria65 on ‎09-06-2011 06:42 AM
Awesome! Thanks for the great app