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2940043889485.pngPuzzle games are fun, but sometimes I get tired of the same old formula – move a block, twist a knob or hop on a spring to move to the next level. New approaches are always welcome, and real innovation just makes me smile. I had a grin that stretched ear-to-ear after an extended session playing World of Goo by 2D Boy. In this game, the environment is the puzzle – but you solve the puzzles by becoming part of that same environment. You control “goo balls” that squirm, squish and stick to each other to build and flow into fluid extensions of the world. Arranging them to construct ingenious contraptions and structures is how you win, and the physics of the game make it both simple and challenging to grow towers that lean and twist in just the right way to solve the challenges of each level.


New and interestingly powered goo balls are unveiled as you progress, and that keeps the game fresh and new. I was captivated from my first try and played for longer than I care to admit right now. There’s something here for everyone – while it’s a single-player game, there are global leaderboards to track individual accomplishments for the gamers who crave competition. If you enjoy quirky puzzles and something new in the genre, you can’t go wrong with World of Goo!

by Caymon on ‎04-09-2012 09:22 AM

This is coming to the Nook?! Outstanding! I have this game on my Wii and it's absolutely brilliant. If I can now play this on my Nook, well, I'll just have to remember to get some actual reading accomplished too. :smileywink:

by page1566 on ‎04-09-2012 02:28 PM

will it work on nook 1, the orignal?

by on ‎04-09-2012 03:33 PM
No, none of these apps will work on the original Nook First Edition or the Nook Simple Touch. Only on the Nook Color or Tablet.
by NuTricks on ‎04-09-2012 09:50 PM

Found out it's ****ONLY ***** for Tablet NOT Color,:smileymad: yet it let me purchase it. Now have to figure out how to get refund.:smileyfrustrated:

by wilson12 on ‎04-10-2012 04:50 PM
When are these guys getting text plus on the nook?